Mona’s Mendacious Moaning Over J6

Why should we care about punishing a former president after looking at the scoundrel who replaced him?

The House of Representatives’ far from impartial January 6 committee has provided Trump haters on the fictitious Right with a new occasion for grandstanding. The resulting theatrics seem to have reached a crescendo with last week’s testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, who has supposedly spilled all the beans on her (to quote Douglas Murray) “tainted” former boss. Despite the highly relevant fact that much of what Hutchinson said was second-hand information that real participants have energetically challenged, Hutchinson’s testimony has enjoyed (thanks to the ideologically uniform Western media) international resonance. A close friend in Regensburg reported how impressed his acquaintances were by Hutchinson’s damning testimony and how relieved they were to be living in a model democracy (meaning a homogenized woke Germany) as opposed to a Hitlerian America under Trump.

Looking around at who should get the prize for being the most tiresome pseudo-conservative gasbag last week, I am giving my award to The Bulwark’s Mona Charen. Yes, I know that National Review went after West Coast Straussians as Nazi-like for supporting Trump, and that other mainstays of the liberal establishment pretending to be conservative have said equally dumb things. But I am picking Charen because she irritated me last. Since our syndicated-columnist provider for the Chronicles’ website substituted this lady for one of our regulars, I ended up reading her column from beginning to end.

Charen does not blame Trump alone for our decline as a moral nation. Like a reflective German meditating on the crimes of the Third Reich after World War II, she blames the entire political class for the catastrophe she has witnessed:

“When Trump first crashed into American politics in 2015, it required only political courage to oppose him. Yet one after another, the leading figures of the GOP, from Chris Christie to Jeff Sessions to Ted Cruz, snapped like dry twigs under his boots.” Furthermore: “This is the world that every Republican and conservative brought on us by failing to show the minimal amount of integrity. Now they are shamed by the shining example of a 26-year-old woman with her life ahead of her, with no motive but love of her country and with no power except that which comes from a clear conscience.”

Apparently, Hutchinson has so little power that the media throughout the Western world are breathlessly celebrating her heroism and taking her questionable testimony for Gospel truth. We are also supposed to be concerned that anti-Trump activist Republicans have reported death threats, although it is hard to determine how many of these threats have been corroborated.

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