Former Russian Leader Medvedev Calls Joe Biden a “Strange Grandfather with Dementia” who “Can’t Find His Way Out of a Room”

Former Russian President Medvedev warned the West that any attack on Crimea will result in severe retaliation.

Medvedev suggested that Ukraine could disappear.

And he called Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” and a “strange grandfather with dementia.”

The Daily Mail reported:

Russia’s former president today warned that Ukraine could ‘disappear from the world map’ amid Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin ally, also dismissed US President Joe Biden as a ‘strange grandfather with dementia’ in a scathing post on Telegram.

Medvedev warned NATO was ‘creating a real threat of world conflict and the death of a significant part of humanity’ by sending military equipment to Ukraine and troops to countries on Europe’s eastern flank, such as Estonia and Lithuania.

His warning comes just days after he said Ukraine and the West will face a ‘Judgement Day’ response should they attempt to militarily dispute Russia’s control of Crimea.

The refusal of Ukraine and Western powers to recognise Moscow’s ownership of the peninsula poses a ‘systemic threat’ for Russia, the former president said on Sunday, before declaring the Kremlin would hit back with maximum force if the territory is attacked.

Medvedev posted this on his Telegram page. It shows Boris Johnson from the UK, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and the next leader to leave office is a question mark.

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