Even the Peer-Reviewed Academic Science That Everyone Is Supposed To Follow Provides Clear Evidence That Vaccinating Young People Is Dangerous and Stupid

So why are we doing it?

Rav Arora, a journalist who used to write for the New York Post before his vaccine reporting got him blackballed, has a long Substack piece assembling most of the major studies on myocarditis risk that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines pose for young people, and especially young men, that I recommend reading and sharing. All of its claims are rooted in high-quality studies and none of it is open to reasonable dispute. We spend a lot of time thinking about what effects the vaccines might be having, but this is a piece about what effects everyone agrees the vaccines are having – and it’s enough to do enormous violence to the doctrine of universal mRNA vaccination all by itself.

Especially now that the vast majority of everyone has been infected, the openly acknowledged (and almost certainly understated) risks of vaccine-induced myocarditis outweigh the risks of infection for most girls through the age of 17 and many men under 40, particularly with the higher-dose Moderna. For men between 16 and 24, the vaccines are an especially terrible deal:

Even more damning … is a new large-scale Nordic study published in April evaluating the risk of post-vaccination myocarditis in 23 million Scandinavian residents. Researchers studied the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in the 28-day risk period after administration of the vaccine.

As expected, males aged 16 to 24 have the highest rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis. The authors’ findings are stunning. First, the authors established a 13.7 per million rate of infection-induced myocarditis.

Below is a summary (pdf) of vaccine-induced myocarditis rates for various doses (approximate calculations):

Post Pfizer dose 1: 15/million

Post Pfizer dose 2: 55/million

Post Moderna dose 1: 17/million

Post Moderna dose 2: 184/million

As an example, for every roughly 5,500 second doses of the Moderna vaccine given, one male (in the age range 16–24) will suffer from vaccine-induced myocarditis. And given the immeasurably low risk of serious COVID-19 disease in healthy men of that age category, this is a relatively high risk compared to a modest reward at best.

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