“More Stringent Measures”

The Little Doctor now says “much more stringent measures” should have been imposed on “asymptomatic people” – which of course means on everyone – back in 2020. This is, as Mr. Spock used to say, absolutely fascinating – coming from a man who is himself an “asymptomatic” spreader.

An actual one – as opposed to an asserted one.

In that he actually has, by his own admission, gotten the “virus” – despite wearing multiple “masks” and receiving (so he says) multiple “vaccines,” neither of these “measures” having prevented him from getting and spreading the very sickness he insists required “much more stringent measures.”

The fact that this man graduated from medical school says much about the worth of medical school – at least, if this man is an example of the results of such schooling. For he is either an imbecile – as defined in the pre-politically correct days as a person having a very low IQ and poor cognitive function – or he is evil.

There can be no other explanation, unless it is that he is both an imbecile and evil.

How else can it be explained?

If there were any evidence that wearing a piece of China-made cloth over your face for hours on end prevented or even reduced the chances of a person becoming infected with a virus – and then transmitting the virus to others – one might be able to make a case for wearing the things. There is no evidence. None. “Mask”-less people got the “virus” no more – and no worse – than those who “masked.”

A fact.

There is merely this ongoing, imbecilic assertion that they “work” – by evil imbeciles such as this rat-faced, interminable little bureaucrat who has been proved wrong about literally everything he said.

But then, “masks” do “work” – in that they sow division among us, conjure fear and loathing, perpetuate the lie that walking around with these things on is a kind of public obligation and that to not wear one is a kind of moral failing.

Only an evil person would seek to further such a thing when it is well-known that it is the only thing the wearing furthers.

Like the pushing of these “vaccines” that haven’t prevented people who’ve taken multiple doses – and who wear multiple “masks” – from getting the very thing the  people pushing them (such as Fauci) all-but-swore they would not get. Who then redefined the meaning of “vaccine” to mean a thing which “prompts an immune response” rather than immunizes.

What other word is there to define that except evil?

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