The Good Guys Just Won Big For a Change

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Throughout the two-year lockdown/mask/mandate regime, we barely heard a peep out of the national Libertarian Party.

Some good work was done at the state and local level, and my friend Angela McArdle, of the Los Angeles County LP, did heroic work in Los Angeles against the absurd mandates there.

But the national party was a disgrace, as usual.

You can always count on the national party, and its feckless, constantly ratioed Twitter account, to jump on whatever the latest leftist bandwagon is, to adopt the regime’s line on controversial issues (Tucker Carlson and January 6 are existential threats to America, of course), and to try to appear “respectable” as if that will make the regime like them.

These are the kinds of people who would die a thousand deaths before publicly challenging an Anthony Fauci, since don’t you know he’s the expert?

We dissidents are just such an embarrassment to them.

Not to mention, portions of the national leadership have been known to attack our most popular and productive voices, including even Ron Paul himself.

So in 2017, Michael Heise decided: no more.

If there’s going to be a party with “libertarian” in its name, it’s not going to be a pathetic embarrassment. It’s going to be bold. It’s going to say things nobody else will say. It’s going to focus on the empire (and not shrink from using the word “empire” just because it will make Henry Kissinger unhappy), central banking, and the other issues that animated the Ron Paul Revolution.

So he created the Mises Caucus of the Libertarian Party, which Ron Paul himself has called “the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party.”

This past weekend, in Reno, the caucus was put to the test.

And guess what.

It was a clean sweep.

The entire slate of candidates endorsed by the Mises Caucus for the Libertarian National Committee was elected. Same for the party’s Judicial Committee: every single candidate the caucus endorsed went on to win.

And Angela McArdle herself is now the chair.

You can imagine the kinds of rhetorical attacks the caucus, being anti-establishment, had to endure. These attacks sounded like a bunch of New York Times editorials. None of it mattered. The liberty movement had decided that enough was enough, and it was game over.

A well-deserved victory for smart, principled, energetic people.

If I may repeat myself for a moment: imagine having two years of anti-science virus stupidity imposed on the country, and letting it pass almost entirely without comment.

Never, ever again.