Next Up: Shots for Infants

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Now that the FDA has approved the Covid shots for infants and toddlers, it’s just a matter of waiting for the CDC to sign off on them.

Florida is the only state that has not ordered the shots for these children.

So CNN’s Bill Weir went to Twitter to say, “49 states preordered COVID vaccines for kids under 5 so they’ll be ready as soon as there is FDA approval. Take a guess which state did not.”

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Ron DeSantis, replied: “The state everyone is moving to?”

In New York, a major cultural center known as 92NY has already announced, even before the CDC has said anything, that they will be enforcing a vaccine requirement on everyone above six months old.

They wrote in an email:

“We are also anticipating the release of the COVID-19 vaccine for children under the age of 5 and have made the decision to extend 92NY’s vaccine mandate to that age group once they are eligible. Currently, we plan to require proof of vaccination for children under 5 beginning in September. We will share more details once the vaccine is released.”

At this point there’s no sense in bothering to point out that the shots don’t stop the spread. The people making the decisions at 92NY surely know that. They are almost certainly now using the vaccine as a proxy, a way of keeping out the riff-raff. It’s a very particular kind of elite that will go to the extreme of doing this to an infant, and that elite is evidently their target clientele.

Given that the shots for young children already failed to get much traction, it is inconceivable that many normal people will want it for toddlers or infants.

Even the Democrats aren’t going to run on mandating this. Historic inflation and drag shows with small children ought to keep them on their toes for the midterms.

Vinay Prasad, a left-leaning commentator who has been pretty good on the lockdown regime, put it this way: “If someone says vaccines for kids under 5 lower the risk of severe disease or death, it’s important to remember that no data on earth proves that conclusion. The data we will soon get will be hopelessly confounded. And seroprevalance is already so high.”

In related news, Senator Rand Paul confronted Anthony Fauci again. A couple of key points:

Paul: “Can you tell me if anyone on the vaccine approval committees ever received money from the people who make vaccines?”

Fauci: “People who receive royalties are not required to divulge them.”

Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya observes, “Undisclosed royalty payments are a conflict of interest, no matter what Tony Fauci says. Having him as de facto head of covid policy and also in charge of billions of dollars for government grants to scientists is also a conflict of interest. Why are government ethics watchdogs silent?”

Another exchange:

Paul: “Are you aware of any studies that show reduction in hospitalization or death for children who take a booster?”

Fauci: “Right now there is not enough data…to indicate that.”

That’s our world, ladies and gentlemen.

But thank goodness for the courageous few who have risked so much to tell us the truth.