It's Time to Shut Down the Ukraine Money Spigot

The Ukraine war project is costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

The US and EU-financed Ukraine war project has become entirely unsustainable, and the propping up of one side of an inter slavic turf war is burning money at such a rate that it’s making the Afghanistan adventure look like the minor leagues.

The Volodymr Zelensky-led administration is now demanding over $5 billion dollars a month just to cover the costs of its government, which includes the many bureaucrats and government employee salaries. That’s over $60 billion a year just to finance the operating costs of its government, which has historically been ranked the most corrupt in all of Europe.

This latest demand comes in addition to the estimated $100 billion in recent European and American dollars already allocated to propping up its collapsing military.

The Ukrainian military is being routed in the field, and now losing badly to the Russian military, which has successfully employed old-school industrial warfare to vacuum up territory that provides Moscow with port access. Time is no longer on the side of Kiev, which continues to lose territory, and has failed to chalk up a significant battlefield victory for many weeks.

Similar to the trillions in “pandemic expenditures,” the costs related to the war have officially entered sunk costs territory. The Ukrainian military is on its heels, and it has no hope of independently regaining territory from Russia. Thankfully, there is no appetite in the West for direct confrontation, which could lead to a World War 3-like outcome.

I am not convinced that any sum of money and arms thrown at Ukraine, regardless of how much of that money actually finds its way to the battlefield, can fix this geopolitical reality. And for the American taxpayer, it is simply not worth the endeavor.

And it’s quite likely that none of this money “for Ukraine” will actually in any way benefit your average Ukrainian citizen. As the great Ron Paul once explained, “foreign aid [in its current form] is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”

Not a penny of American taxpayer dollars, let alone a prospective price tag of hundreds of billions, should be spent to finance a foreign turf war and subsidize a broken and corrupt government.

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