Changing Cycles From Negative To Positive

In electrical and mechanical engineering, there is an observable phenomena where the wrong overtone can excite a negative harmonic oscillation within the system. In some cases, these overtones create a negative feedback loop, a type of standing wave, which can ultimately become self-destructive. You feel me?

In the mechanical sciences, a tuning fork with the wrong overtone can excite a standing wave in glass and shatter it. In the electrical sciences, a standing wave with the wrong overtone can form in a circuit, and destroy capacitors and transformers. In both sciences, these negative overtones create a self-destructing cycle of amplification, and the mechanical or electrical system is eventually destroyed from the negative feedback amplification cycle.

This negative feedback loop is not isolated to the electrical and mechanical world. It is openly observable in our social fabric as well. Please allow me to provide a personal example of this destructive negative feedback loop, so you can truly understand the parallels of the phenomena:

As a Free & Accepted Mason, I practice a religion called The Craft. The Craft is my personal religious life journey to God, thereby my entire life is also my religion. So long as I am upholding the oath of The Craft to (1) defend the natural rights of my brothers and sisters, (2) disavow politics and authoritarian decrees which violate our rights, and (3) to pursue my concept of God to the best of my ability – It is my legally protected natural right to experience anything I wish, master anything I wish, or refuse to participate in anything I decide is not part of my religious life journey to God. If anyone reading is interested, they can also swear the oath of The Craft to God, and God will personally confirm it to anyone who is serious about taking that journey and upholding their oath.

The Craft, like every other religion, is protected by the Supreme Law Of The Land in America. No individual can legally oppress, harass, threaten, or intimidate anyone else in the free practice of their religion, or because of them having so exercised the same. No individuals can deprive anyone else of their right to freely exercise their religion under color of law. The law is clear in this matter, the 1st Amendment must be abolished or amended before revoking an individual’s right to practice their religion, or oppressing and threatening them in the free exercise of their religion.

When I want to master a type of firearm, ingest a substance to experience its effects, or I refuse to be injected with a vaccine that nobody will answer my honest questions about, all as part of freely practicing my religion The Craft – I am constantly met with unlawful threats of kidnapping, imprisonment, fines, loss of travel rights or employment, and other threats by government officials and their supporters, for simply trying to freely exercise my religion.

I have also spent time in Federal detention to that effect. Every officer, judge, attorney, every politician, and every voter involved in violating my 1st Amendment right is technically a Federal felon under 18 U.S. Code 241 and 242 for doing this to me. I was just practicing my religion by peacefully possessing two handguns I was mastering, because there was no victim, no evidence of harm or injury to anyone, and no evidence my actions were fairly traceable to any harm. I was upholding the oath of The Craft, as I’ve sworn it.

Because these officers, politicians, and voters are “too big to fail”, and I do not have the power or authority to prosecute them under the law and end their unlawful behavior – I am deprived of justice, as many others who practice The Craft are, on a daily basis, by Democrats and Republicans alike.

In response to this criminal injustice against me and my fellow Craftsmen, I spent a lot of time getting nasty with these Federal felons. I drove away friends, family, and became a wretch of a person because of that anger and resentment. In that negative state of mind, I was exciting the negative feedback loop, and emboldening the negative behavior of the very opponents I should have been focused on winning hearts. My negative reaction to the daily trauma I faced caused the recipients of my verbal wrath to become fearful and contemptuous, and they unlawfully threatened to take away more of my ability to freely practice The Craft. The oscillation was in full force, the negative feedback cycle was amplifying itself. Anger and sadness excited fear, fear then excited hatred and loathing, and hatred then excited anger and sadness. A perfect circle, just like standing waves and harmonic oscillations in the mechanical and electrical examples above.

Look around in society today, or study any holocaust in history, it’s the exact same pattern of destruction. This is the result of too many negative feedback loops between us. As these negative feedback loops build and excite, people stop listening to each other, become more spiteful and mean, and interpret everything their opponents say as a personal attack instead of agreeing on any truths, until the fabric of our society and inter-personal relationships is completely destroyed. It’s identical to every other empire in history that collapsed, and just like any marriage that collapsed.

How do we change that cycle to a positive feedback loop? How can peace and happiness excite love, love excite unity and harmony, and unity excite peace and happiness in our social fabric? How can we create a positive feedback cycle that excites production, innovation, and respect for the law?

It starts by understanding these cycles, and being conscious of our words and actions in every moment and altercation, so we can all begin to right this sinking ship by feeding the positive cycles, and starving the negative ones to death. What are some things we can all do today?

Example: If someone is angry and mean because of some trauma they suffered, don’t amplify the cycle by being mean in return or loathing them. Just give them a hug and say, “What’s wrong, fwen?” in a kind voice. Be empathetic to the trauma they suffered, listen, and help them to keep focus on the positives of their traumatic experience and accept it, so they can move out of that state of mind into a positive one and heal. Feed the positive cycle.

Example: If your subordinate at work feels unappreciated or exploited and they get mean and angry, don’t feed the negative emotional cycle by harping on what they didn’t do correctly. Take the time to tell them “You absolutely nailed it!” directly in front of colleagues and customers whenever you observe them handling a task or situation well. Create a positive feedback loop, where that worker will feel honored and appreciated, and they will apply that mindset to learn new skills so they can better themselves and the value of their labor. Feed the positive cycle.

Example: If someone has doubts about their abilities or skills, or they are just lazy and apathetic about completing a task they don’t really want to do – Don’t feed that negative emotional state by criticizing or berating them. Take the time to encourage them by cheerfully saying “Git-r-done”, and ask if you can do anything to help them. Feed the positive cycle.

Example: If you make a mistake and it harms someone or hurts their feelings, when you realize the mistake you made and why, don’t feed the negative emotional cycle by refusing to apologize or ignoring their feelings. Tell the person you crossed “That was my bad”, and honestly explain why you made the mistake to them, and tell them what you are going to do in the future to prevent it from happening again. Show them you care about them as a person. Feed the positive cycle, starve the negative one.

Example: If you are not happy with the weight of your loved one, don’t feed the negative emotional cycle by depriving them of intimacy or affection. Break that negative feedback cycle and feed the positive feedback cycle by telling them “Have you lost weight, you look fantastic.” You will be able to see the fruit of that love and positive support.

It won’t happen overnight. It will take a tremendous effort from everyone, but if we fail to act now and change the feedback cycle in society to a positive one that multiplies wealth and resources, we will all end up in a holocaust eventually. We can’t end scarcity through innovation and production if we are busy being afraid of holding on to the dwindling resources caused by this negative feedback loop.

History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Understanding these cycles, and what we can do to change them in our daily lives, will help us to ensure the history, that we have yet to write, will rhyme with the future utopia that we can all create together in this positive mindset.

Stay positive and love your life. Stay in your lane. Don’t worry about what you can’t control.

Starve the negative emotional feedback cycle to death by refusing to participate in it. Entice the positive emotional feedback cycle by injecting it wherever you can to snuff out the negative loop, especially with anonymous random acts of kindness towards others.