Digital Humanity Heading Toward a Digital World Reality: A Robotic and Distorted Environment Without Culture, Caring, or Intellect

“Millions of people never analyze themselves. Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained. They don’t know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction. By evading self-analysis, people go on being robots, conditioned by their environment. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda (1986). “Self-realization”

Human beings it seems are creatures of their environment. Although they have the ability, at least in theory, to reason, think, and respond as individuals to life’s challenges, they rarely do, as that aspect of human behavior has been largely lost in this new collective and digital age. In my opinion, this was not accidental, but by design. One might question this hypothesis, but proving it to be untrue would be another matter, as any number of examples of the robotic nature and mindset of the herd abound. Humanity has turned away from its foundational roots, its cultural heritage, its individual spirit, and its connection with the natural world in favor of collective digital idiocy.

One of the signs that expose these truths, is the almost universal dependency on technology that has consumed the public. Little personal communication or togetherness seems necessary or important when all forms of interaction boil down to ‘smart’ phones, computers, and the games and circuses offered to the sleeping sheep. Abandonment of loved ones became the new normal in this age of fake and fraudulent ‘virus pandemics.’ Due to this mindset and addiction to technology, the family structure has been and is being eliminated; no longer held up as the basis for society, but an afterthought rarely considered except as an impediment to instant gratification and the useless exploitation of some at the expense of all.

The plan of course, as laid out by the technocratic ruling ‘elite,’ the government, the media, and the huge corporate powers, was to sacrifice all tradition, culture, individuality, true history, art, natural biology, and morality, so that a society of like-minded fools could be easily manipulated to act and react just as intended by the state masters. This of course became blatantly obvious during the ‘covid’ scam, and the mass obedience to heinous state ‘covid’ directives. Nothing could be more obvious, as most in this country and around the world, deserted any aspect of personal responsibility, empathy, compassion, and natural caring for family, friends, and neighbors in the name of the spurious notion called the ‘common good.’ This has literally led to the near elimination of the family unit, leaving hatred, discontent, depression, and emptiness in its wake.

The recent science fiction craze of zombies running the streets may not be so far-fetched after all, and the inordinate number of zombie movies being produced in Hollywood may be the foretelling of our future instead of just worthless ‘entertainment.’ But instead of dead people rising from their graves to terrorize the living, we are facing a situation where the majority of the living could rise from the state-controlled technocracy to become drones or brain-dead, computerized cyborgs in a non-caring, transhuman existence. Before you scoff at this possibility, or shout out “conspiracy theorist,” you may want to consider what has happened over the past two years. One cannot look at all the carnage and changes due to fake pandemics, war threats, lockdowns, mass injection of toxic poison, and totalitarian evil levied on society; all voluntarily accepted by the zombie-like hordes of collective fools that make up this country and most others today. How many of you could have predicted the apocalyptic scope of this dystopic takeover plot just a few years ago? Only a very few understood the risks we faced, and they were ignored by nearly all, and labeled as tin foil hat types. I know, because I was and am one of these so-called “conspiracy theorists.”

Generally speaking, it is difficult to observe human activity today, regardless of the personal or societal circumstance involved, whether family outings, sporting events, just walking on the street, at restaurants, concerts, or just every day-to-day activity, without noticing that nearly all are intimately attached to their phone. They are not only attached, but consumed by it, as if they could not survive without it for even a moment. These phones can be useful, but they have become an unhealthy part of the body and mind of most in this country and beyond.

This phenomenon is not innocent, as it makes dependent the majority of human beings to such an extent as to make it easy for the state under the false guise of speed, entertainment, and convenience, to fully control the masses. It is even worse than this, because this dependency also completely enslaves society, and allows for every single conversation, every financial transaction, every surveillance technique, every health event, every purchase and sale; actually, everything in life due to this technological coup stands to strengthen the state control over all at levels that have only been imagined in ‘science fiction’ movies. These movies and games in many cases, are simply foretelling the future planned by the masters you have voluntarily chosen to rule over you.

The more automated and technologically tied one becomes, the more dangerous is the risk to all freedom and liberty. In order for the state to gain total control, it needs to claim power over all movement, all money, all health and medicine, all financial and economic processes; making everything subject to its will. A constant state of emergency is the key element to bring this about, and we are seeing this scenario become reality every day at this point. Total enforcement by the ruling class is sought, which means due to social credit scoring, new state outlined societal behavior norms, mass compliance with state mandates in order to exist; all as defined by the state, must be created, demanded, and imposed in order to achieve full societal compliance.

This dystopian nightmare is being advanced right before our eyes, as the majority of the populace is voluntarily allowing it to take place. Many think the people are winning this battle against the destruction of freedom, but they are very mistaken, and seemingly blind to realty. There is a point of no return, and it is getting closer all the time. Mass resistance has not been evident to date, and mass resistance is mandatory if any freedom is to survive. This resistance must begin and end with the individual, acting en masse; not as any asinine collective group thinking as one, but all individuals thinking for themselves together.

What is necessary now? Hold on tightly to all your guns and weapons, as more pressure to take them away from you will be forthcoming after more false flag ‘shootings’ take place. If this happens, Americans will be helpless against the evil and monstrous state. Understand that the actual controlling class owns and commands the media, the politicians, including the highest positions in government, the courts, the criminal banking system, and the murdering police and military. Speak out constantly, accept and spread the truth, do not obey or comply with any government mandates, and educate yourselves concerning what is actually going on in front of you, instead of reading headlines or watching the idiotic and insane mainstream ‘news.’ Turn off your TV.

The only way to salvage freedom is to immediately wake your pathetic asses up, and do something to help yourselves!

Bilderberg knows that however the global realignments play out, and whatever a reset global financial system looks like, the shape of the world will be determined by big tech. And if the endgame is “Continuity of Government,” as the agenda suggests, that continuity will be powered by AI.

Whatever billionaire ends up making the software that runs the world, Bilderberg aims to make damned sure that it has its hand on the mouse.”

Charlie Skelton (Guardian)

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