Stupid is as Stupid Does

There are reasons a’plenty how and why Republicans have earned the title “Stupid Party”. Their motto is similarly appropriate: “We never pass up an opportunity to pass  up an opportunity!” With the mid-terms rapidly approaching, elected, appointed, former and wanna-be Elephants have taken to print and air to add another merit badge to their collection of Dimwittery.

No doubt you’ve heard the old saw: “The only way to keep a secret is to not tell anyone.” As the mid-term elections approach, with the euphoric anticipation of a “Red Wave” sweeping Blue Dems out of the Swamp and into the Sea of Bad Memories, you would think even the Stupid Party would be extra careful not to ruin things by doing stupid things. But you’d be as wrong as Republicans are stupid.

Like many “news-opinion” shows, FOX News Channel’s “Outnumbered” and adjacent “Faulkner Focus” regularly feature Republicans/Conservatives for their mid-day chat fests. Invariably, the focus is on current events, pending legislation, inside Washington goings-on, the juicy parts of wherever Democrats screw up. So far, so normal. But then, the wizards of rhetoric turn to the Critiquing portion of the show where hosts and guests dissect and parse Democrat skullduggery – then proceed to instruct them in how to change their ways, if they expect to make a showing in the upcoming elections, the very ones Republicans are in terminal drool mode to win and win bigly!

Ladies and Gentlemen – and those still struggling with that pesky gender decision – I give you the Stupid Party!

Detailing the sins, errors and omissions of Biden, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer et al along with their Freedom-smothering legislation, legally problematic executive orders and the obscene public conduct of their colleagues and deranged acolytes is a perfect public service. Sending in Carl Rove’s grease pencil, similar consultants, former ‘officials’ with specific instructions on how to correct abhorrent Liberal behavior that’s opening eyes and minds while costing votes and seats is Stupidity on steroids. Save valuable air time and just forward the DNC a copy of the notes from the last RNC Strategy Meeting.

At Waterloo (of all places), Napoleon is said to have said “Don’t interrupt your enemy when he is committing suicide” (or something similar, sinister and practical).  With the number of Waterloos Republicans have created for themselves, one would assume the Stupid Party Elite would be up on their Napoleon quotes and apply them accordingly.

But then, we all know what happens when you ass-u-me.