'I Feel Like My Unborn Grandchildren Are Saying ‘Please Fix This!’'

Wildland firefighters carry fire shelters that they use when trapped in a forest fire. The shelter protects them from the heat of a fire and can save a firefighter’s life. While using a fire shelter is a life saver, it is certainly a last resort, because the end result is far from a perfect outcome. 


To use a fire shelter, the firefighter lies on the ground and covers himself up under the fire shelter. The shelter reflects the heat, but not perfectly. The firefighter may roast slowly like a baked potato, only he is a living man experiencing that, and hopes that he lasts until the fire passes. As you might imagine, the firefighter may endure tremendous pain. That pain can all be ended very quickly, by simply lifting his shelter and taking a deep breath of super-heated air.


Given the extreme pain he may endure, and the ease with which he can give up, firefighters receive psychological training in order to prepare them for the possibility of using a fire shelter. 


As a firefighter slowly and painfully endures — sometimes for 2 minutes, sometimes for 3 hours, based on how long it takes the fire to pass — in such a moment of despair, he is trained to stay focussed on someone in his life who he needs to stay alive for. 


Often that is his children. 


He is trained to realize how much that tortured battle in the fire shelter is psychological, and what a motivator our children can be. 


What Motivates A Reader Of These Pages, And Which May Motivate You Too


A reader, a lion, a warrior, shared with me this week, a source of motivation that moves her to action in her fight in the health mandates and other areas of life:


“I feel like my unborn grandchildren are saying, ‘Please fix this!’”


She said it that simply. She said it almost shyly. Despite that hesitancy, it was clear that she meant every word. 


How powerfully that statement sat with me. 


Have you ever been there? 


Of course, you have. 


If you fight, it is only because you have a reason.


Alternately, have you ever said, “Why am I doing any of this?” Have you ever felt compelled to give up? 


That, too, is always an option. 


You have the power and the right to give up any time you want. 




You are closer to victory than you realize. Fight hard, fight obedient to your values, and one day, victory will spring up on you, as this increasingly totalitarian regime ends, just like every totalitarian regime in history has ended — it just suddenly collapses, on a random day of the week, on a random day of the year, that no one would ever have expected the whole massive, all-powerful government to topple. 


That is how totalitarian regimes have always ended. 


They just suddenly collapse. 


And at the same time, when the stakes are high, as they are in this era, we must keep in mind that the potential gains are great, but the potential losses even worse. 


Losing will be very destructive, so we must win. 


Let Us Look Soberly At The Plan Being Publicly Spoken About For Us 


Recognizing that, let’s take a moment to reflect on what is planned for you — a plan that will become a reality if you let it. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the stakes. In the midst of that unprecedented, high stakes game, let’s take a moment to reflect on who it is you choose to surround yourself with. 


Here is where we are: 


They want to kill you. 


They want you to die. 


You mean so little to them that they can’t be bothered to run a blind test on the medicine that they are pushing upon billions of people. 


Do you get that? 


It is not incompetence. 


They want you to die. 


They want you to die. 


How The Law Of Unintended Consequences Can Be A Crutch For The Smart Man 


Yes, the law of unintended consequences is real. Yes, government is constantly overstepping its ability and messing things up. And government is also being quite intentional in bringing consequences upon you which you would not wish upon yourself. Yes, there are unintended consequences, but chalking everything up to unintended consequences excuses the greatest evil. The greatest villains would love you to chalk everything up to unintended consequences. Doing so gives them far more leeway to operate, undeterred by the likes of you. 


It goes far beyond incompetence. 


There are people pulling the levers of power who want you to die. 


If they can not have that, then they want you living like a serf, tied to the land, owning nothing, having just enough to be satisfied, docile, easy to control. 


They want your children and grandchildren to have the same. 


What The Price Of Gas Explains About This


I paid $7.79 / gallon for gas last night. You might live in a more sane place. You might have paid the equally insane price — relative to your neck of the woods — of $4.79, $5.79, or $6.79. 


I am not particularly troubled about the $7.79 being so expensive. I chose where I live. I understood when I moved here that it would be outrageously expensive and artificially inflated by nonsense regulation.


But that price of gas is not a mistake. Sleepy Joe is not a mistake. The dithering old man is not going to be escorted out the door just before everything turns around. He is a figurehead of a thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy. 


It is malice. 


It is intentional. 


The year is not 1958 anymore, nor is it 1973, nor even 2019. We are no longer in the days when we still had a semblance of belief that a public official was taking a job for the purpose of serving the public. 


They want you to die. 


They really want you to die. 


Do you understand that? 


Why It Only Takes Ten Minutes Of Effort To Read The Science 


They can not be bothered to search the Internet for any of the 14 pre-2020 journal articles of randomized controlled trials that show that face masks do not work. That takes all of 15 seconds of effort on Scholar.Google.com. It takes all of 45 seconds to read each abstract. It takes all of 10 minutes to read all 14 abstracts. For want of 10 minutes of concern from a few dozen global decision makers, millions have perished. 


Do you get that? 


Please allow me to repeat that: for want of 10 minutes of concern from a few dozen global decision makers, millions have perished. 


How many excuses do you need to keep making for bad, bad people in order to continue your fairy tale that this is not by design? That this is not by intent? At some point, one loses the ability to claim ignorance. 


What Your Doctor Has Done For Two Years 


This is what your doctor has done the last two years: 


Two years of gently chastising the unmasked for forty-five minutes a week. 


Two years of yelling at the unmasked for fifteen minutes a week. 


Two years of ranting to friends, family, and colleagues about the unmasked for sixty to ninety minutes a week. 


Two years of social media posts and comments about the unmasked for sixty to ninety minutes a week. 


Your doctor spent hundreds of minutes a month these past two years ridiculing people, but could not be bothered to spend ten minutes to figure out what he was actually talking about. 


Do you understand the amount of contempt it takes to be one of the most scientifically educated and credentialed members of a society and to decide to use your education and credentials that way? 


That amounts to your doctor spending thousands of minutes over the past two years showing he hates you, rather than ten minutes to check if you might be right. 


Your own doctor loathes you and wants you dead. 


The nurse loathes you and wants you dead. 


The hospital administrator loathes you and wants you dead. 


Do you understand that? 


What Even The Best Schools And School Board In The Country Have Said About This Topic 


Your child’s school wants to drug them, put them in front of a screen, and confuse them about the most basic and healthy aspects of their lives — gender, sexuality, biology. When your daughter is raped in the school, they will lie to you as a father in public about what happened, and then the police will tackle you and arrest you if you decide, at that very late hour, to stand up to the system. You practically deserve to be tackled and arrested — not for standing up, but for waiting so long to stand up. If you need to have your daughter raped to realize how bad things are, you, sir, are waiting too long. 


Scott Smith, of Louden County, Virginia, had an experience like that. 


To add insult to injury, there is a pretty good chance that any rape of a child in a school will happen at the hands of a teacher, administrator, or staff member. Yet some seem to prefer to live oblivious of this reality of the educational system you send your children into day-after-day. 


If gunmen trap your children in a building, authorities will tackle and arrest you if you try to protect them. Uvalde, Texas showed that, but so have dozens of other examples of mass murder in schools perpetrated at the hands of products of those schools. Far from being a legitimate repudiation of an inanimate object like a gun, such attacks are a logical repudiation of the schools. They have failed. They hate you. And your children do not belong in them. If you need to be outside getting tackled by the police with your kid trapped inside by a gunman, then you are waiting too long. 


Angeli Rose Gomez of Uvalde, Texas learned that the hard way. So did the parents who were pepper sprayed by the police or thrown to the ground. Gomez, after being detained by police, was able to get herself released, to get into the school a different way and to free her children from the place where police and the gunman were, in effect, cooperating to keep them cornered and separated from the safety of their parents. Other parents in Uvalde did not fair as well. 


A parent can not singlehandedly prevent all school shootings. A parent does have tremendous power to prevent all school shootings that could affect his family though. Each parent, each morning decides whether to send a child to a place where the sickest and most dangerous things occur, or to keep a child safely in the proximity of parents. 


If your child desires to permanently alter his body, if even for a short phase, various counselors will whisper all kinds of nonsense into the child’s ear, they will dose your child with powerful drugs, and will have you arrested for child abuse if you do not support it. Your child will be removed from your home and placed in foster care. 


Abigail Martinez had something like that happen to her. And then her daughter committed suicide by kneeling in front of a train. 


It is not about changing the school board. Nearly everyone at every level of your child’s school hates your values, hates you, and hates any version of your child that resembles you in any way. 


Changing the school board is a good start, and if that change is sustained it may lead to change some years from now, but changing the school board will not fix that in time to save your child. 


They would rather have your child dead than to let you have a child that resembles you and grows up with a happy life built around the values that have long worked to prosper humanity. 


Rather than that life, they would rather have your child dead. 


Do you understand what I am saying? 


Do you understand how much they hate you?


If you did, you would never see that doctor again. You would never honor a single word from that politician again. You would not let the lies of the media fall on your ears again. You would not leave your children alone in a school again. 


Why Ignorance Only Explains So Much — Not Just In The Other Guy’s Action, But Also In Your Action 


Like the doctor, like the public health official, at some point you can not claim ignorance. At some point you can not keep ignoring the problem. At some point it becomes negligence. At some point it even becomes malice. At some point, you are to blame. 


No amount of finger pointing will change that. No amount of elections will change that. 


You can be negligent in your duty over yourself and family, or you can be diligent. Either way, you are the responsible one. 


You can only blame others for so long. 


And I have some really good news — like really, really good news. 


The good news is that you are winning!!


And now the bad news. The bad news is that you are probably missing your win, and that you are probably positioning yourself in a way that all but guarantees that you will give all that you hold dear to your sworn enemies. This is despite the fact that you have a well-earned victory all prepared and simply waiting for you to reach out and grab it. 


Have you ever heard the statement, “You are your own worst enemy?” 


If you are not recognizing this period for what it is, you are playing exactly that role. 


In that complacency, in that belief that everyone involved is a good faith actor, you are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. 


It does not have to be that way. 


You can win this. 


You just need to walk in your authority. 


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