Hardening Soft Targets

Now the cry erupts for more armed guards in government schools, so that there will be more guns in government schools, so as to shoot back in the event a shooter attempts to shoot up another government school. But there is a much better, much more foundational way to deal with the problem of government schools being the soft-targets of choice of soft-headed people:

Get your kids out of government schools. 

And not just because they are soft targets. Do it because government schools are the places where soft-headed people are created. Not just intellectually, either – although government “schools” do their best to stunt the development of critical thinking in favor of critical race theory and other orthodoxies that must be truckled to.

Government schools are emotional wastelands.

Instead of family and friends – people your kid knows and whom the kid knows cares about them – random strangers constantly changing, from classmates to the teachers – some of whom may care but not in the way a kid’s actual parents do (or ought to). Your kid is one of the herd, herded along from class to class, among kids he may not really know and whom you, the parent, are even less likely to know much about, if anything. 

Who are the people teaching your kid? What are they teaching him? How do they treat your kid? In a government school, you have not-much right to know the details about these things and no right to do much, if anything, about them.

But there is one thing you can do to assure your kids are not made into soft heads by government schools – and not rendered soft targets at a government school. 

Take them home, school them there. 

Arguably, this is a moral imperative for every parent, as what your kid is taught (and how) ought to be a parent’s responsibility. Not the government’s. Certainly not the financial obligation of your neighbors, whose kids they’re not.

Schooling kids at home also assures their safety, another moral imperative for any parent with moral sense. At home, you will not have to worry about your daughter having to deal with boys who “identify” as girls in the bathroom. Your son will not be hectored and shamed about his being a boy. No one will bully your kid – including government school administrators who force kids to wear Face Diapers and practice other variants of ritual humiliation.

Your kids will not have to walk through a metal detector and past an armed guard and so be habituated to prison life from earliest recollection.

You, the parent, will be there to protect your child – physically as well as emotionally – from the soft-headedness and psychological-emotional-developmental dangers of the government’s feed lots for kids.

They will learn to read and write, to understand how to do math and about history. Most all – and most profoundly unlike what occurs in government schools – they will learn to think, without which skill all there is is the memorization and recitation of a well-trained golden retriever.

Teaching kids to think was once the essence of a child’s early education. It was called the trivium – Latin for the three basic disciplines of grammar (basic competence with the written language) logic and rhetoric. Simply put, how to think. How to grasp the essence – the principle – of a thing and then articulate and apply it. To understand inferences, implications. What a thing means, in both abstract general as well as specific terms.

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