WAR, H'uh... What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

Here we go again.  Neo-conned into another expensive quagmire. So congress approved WWIII?  I hadn’t heard.  I thought the Big Guy might have been influenced by the squad of posers surrounded him…or maybe he’s carrying out orders that came wrapped in oodles of cash…or maybe.. naw.. he couldn’t be that stupid to blunder into another war? The U.S. subsidiary of Ukraine is the stage, the hilarious Z-Man and his clown-car of unabashed actors in Kiev provide the drama and we get to pay for the whole production; a hot war with Russia.  I wonder how “Winken” Blinken sleeps at night from his stiff-nut approach to non-diplomacy and the mountain of bloody bodies that has accrued?

Of course the official narrative must suppress all opposition to military excursions by any means necessary. Comedians who once poked fun at power became conduits of administration propaganda and one even became a president.  RT and OAN were blacked-out as this unauthorized proxy war was launched “oddly” with zero objection broadcast over CIA controlled networks and social media.  To question the years of Russia bashing, silly sanctions, strong arm “diplomacy”, banned biological/chemical weapons, our nefarious relationship with the zionist Israeli government and the sacred Industry of NATO became a danger to our propensity to loot the planet.  If you don’t see the globalist mafia’s pentagon and intelligence agency fingerprints on all our dirty deeds and take sides as a staunch republican or democrat; I’d say, “You’re a goddamn idiot!” Doesn’t all this go back at least as far as November 22, 1963, the infamous “Day the Music Died?”https://zx4.bc9.myftpupload.com/forum-comments/

Manufactured events have characterized our foreign policies at least since Viet Nam in modern times to evoke acceptance among the American public.  Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, covid 19 and most recently Ukraine fit the same mold of trolled/controlled information…and why a new office to “combat” disinformation is such an absurdity since good-old govt. propaganda and euphemistic word substitution was always so obvious.  Were this a left-right thing, there would NOT be total congressional participation in narrative control over deadly warfare that has never accomplished stated objectives. Instead millions have been murdered, starved and forced to emigrate from the failed states we created. Even “most trusted” FOX News is onboard with funneling weapons to the fake democracy of Ukraine, demonstrating the power of the global agenda. Cause and effect are always blame-gamed while the filthy history of the U.S. empire is consistently rebranded as a “compassionate defender of freedom.”  To the brainwashed, the popular narrative IS Reality.

Just as the country got bored with Fauci’s masks, lockdowns and toxic injections, along comes a hot war, an abortion battle, the baby formula crisis and withering inflation, but Fauci has not gone away.  As soon as the epidemic among vaxxxine-poisoned people becomes painfully apparent, he’ll be back with more inane boosting and useless breakthrough anti-virals. Scientists fear a “covid time bomb” among the vaxxed/boosted is our future. Though numbers are widely suppressed, physicians are reporting (intentional) side effects appearing in cancer, cardiac, liver and kidney units. As of today, most folks think the covid thing is over and will be shocked when it returns with vengeance. Why has a steel plant in Mariupol with miles of underground tunnels become such a bone of contention between Russian troops and Ukrainian dead-enders? Besides Wuhan, they will be super-shocked to find the scope of dark-site bioweapon labs, who funded them and why the manic drive by the U.S. to maintain secrecy and deniability.

“Qui Bono?”  Military contractors and pharmaceuticals reap a tsunami of dollars to “fix” the emergencies they create, like the firemen who start fires. To feed the greed, money must be printed to make-up for govt. gifting that has led to “mysterious” hyperinflation.  Woke social ills of racism and sexual discrimination are pure propaganda. Sky high crime, disease, depression and suicide are really real. “It’s still the economy stupid,” where taxes and inflation fund D.C.’s traitorous largess and the implosion of the lower castes. Happy, healthy, un-provoked individuals do not cause trouble and burn things…. hopeless hungry economically broken humanimals do!

The 21st century opened with the 9/11 shocker and PNAC (Project for the New American Century) neo-con infiltration of our deep state and media. After eight years of Bush the Dumber, Drone-King Obama backed by the new now “neo-libs”, continued the same atrocities. When I saw the clip of HRC, Psychopath of State, cackle over the  butt-rape of Momar Khaddafi with a bayonet, my lunch rose in my throat; “We came, We Saw, He Died!” Plans to put Africa on a gold standard was his undoing, yet Benghazi became the distraction de-jour followed by untold suffering and chaos in Libya. Trump followed Obama’s Academy Award winning performances with mixed actions. Apparently not in-on the demonization of Russia, he suffered his term under constant attack by the warmongers who later walked right into the White House. Does the office of The President carry with it the implicit right to mass murder? They all do it. Christ!

There is an out. To openly disregard chickenshit regulations and mandates breaks the grip of default compliance. It is called civil disobedience. Let’s keep it peaceful people as you claw back your rights to BE the government, think for yourselves and shape your destiny. BE a proud advocate for peace and a vocal antivaxxer.

Unfortunately manly men have been marginalized; socially, psychologically and physically.  Testosterone levels and sperm counts tanked over past decades due to unavoidable toxic chemicals while woke memes have virtually criminalized typical male behaviors…just when we all need the balls to, “Say No!” Maybe strong women like Tulsi Gabbard could lead a matriarchal return to peace and common sense…since angry soccer moms and “Joe Pesci” get stuff done>>>  but alas, she was “disappeared” from the networks after breaking the ultimate taboo of speaking against regime change wars..and George Carlin has left us.  Yes elections are rigged; not only at the ballot box and through crooked computer tallies, but well before election Tuesdays via focused media attention on favored candidates or purposeful omission of party insubordinates  …that thrust us into the hands of an all-u-can-eat cabal plotting the moves of a worn-out lieutenant in the Clinton/Bush/Bama crime family…and their sabotage of our nation from within.