If You Think We Are Done With Masks, Lend Me Your Ear

A reader pointed out to me a few days ago that masks had come to an end. This they have not. 


If they had, they would be eliminated from all society. 


The masks they hope to place back on you, place back on your children, are waiting in a holding pattern.


They are sitting in the staging area, where they can be slowly normalized, off in the distance “for those people,” while you get acclimated to that evil, acclimated to that lie that they are safe and effective, acclimated to that vileness. And eventually, you will find yourself saying “Well, we always knew you needed to wear a mask to do X and now since I want to do X, I better wear a mask.” 


“Well, we always knew you needed to wear a mask to visit a doctor and now since I want to visit a doctor, I better wear a mask.” 


“Well, we always knew you needed to wear a mask to get my nails done and now since I want to get my nails done, I better wear a mask.” 


“Well, we always knew you needed to wear a mask to vote in person and now since I want to vote in person, I better wear a mask.” 


“Well, we always knew you needed to wear a mask to enter the local courthouse now since I want to enter the local courthouse, I better wear a mask.”


That is the plan. 


You are a mistaken if you think that ridiculousness is not being stored for you in the periphery of society for a time until there can be a more palatable push to force masks and worse back upon the mainstream of society. 


So many parents showed what they themselves were made of in 2020, in 2021, and in 2022. The parents figured out how to go unmasked, but as long as it was “those people” who were masked, everything was okay in the minds of the unmasked parents. 


That was the case even if “those people,” were your own children.  


You told the public health officials how much fight you had in you. You told the corona communists how much fight you had in you. You told the power grabbing tyrants how much fight you had in you. 


You had so little fight that you couldn’t be bothered to let your kids come home for an education, for them to go to a school that would not mask them, for you to work out some way to keep them unmasked. 


The kids whose parents let them be masked are the kids whose parents will let them be vaxxed. 


Prove me wrong.




Hardly could anything bring me greater joy than to be proven wrong about the truth of this sad lie parents have convinced themselves of. 


You are training your children to expertly comply in everything it takes for the ten seconds of weakness that is required for a vaccine to be administered. 


In all 50 states, hospitals are demanding masks. What are “patriots” doing? Complying. In all 50 states, there are courtrooms that require masks. What are the awoke doing? Complying. From Virginia to Florida to Alabama, there are children still being forced into masks in various settings. What are the mama bears doing? Complying. 


You think you live in a better place than California or New York. California is the most resource rich place on this continent: rich in human potential, rich in mineral, rich in water, rich in natural resources, rich in weather that welcomes all kinds of prosperous human activity. Yet what a mess it is. Artificial shortages and government created misery abounds. California is the plan they have for where you live. And you are showing them with your many actions exactly how you will behave when they really start to crank that vice, when they really start to twist the screws, when they really start to pull at you on the rack in every which direction all at once. 


You thought this was bad? They have so much more planned for you. 


But you are getting a respite, so they can come back at you with even more. It is the same thing they did last summer. It is the same thing they announced in spring 2020. The public health adjective for what they are doing is called “rolling.” As in “rolling lockdowns,” “rolling public health mandates,” or “a rolling surveillance regime.” 


And the good news is this. 


It does not have to be that way. 


But you do have to fight for that to be the case. 


You do have to push against the boundaries in your own life. 


You either need to encounter the boundaries and 1.) create a parallel structure that has no public health limits — your own medical care, your own food supply, your own churches, your own schools, your own transportation, OR 2.) push against the boundaries and win. 


There is no other option. 


Compromising means you lose. “Compromise” is eternally the synonym for “Just give it time, we will wear her down,” “Just give it time, he will come around.” If you welcome a spirit of compromise into your life around your values, then you welcome a spirit of acquiescence into your life and empower the greatest evil. 


Waiting for it to get better means you lose. There is no cavalry riding to the rescue. 


So many seem to have this idea, “Someone should do something about it.” So many seem to think, “How am I supposed to change that?” Practically every young person has been convinced,  “I’m too young,” while practically every old person has been convinced, “I’m too old.”  Practically every person in a large slow moving organization has been convinced, “I have no say,” and practically every person in a small agile organization has been convinced, “I have no influence.” 


Yes, if you dechristianize and demoralize a population, then that is the kind of stuff they come to believe. Among the powerful messages of Christianity, and there are many — is that you are individually accountable for the every moment and every decision of your life. Your decisions matter. Your decisions ripple. Your decisions have impact. Treat your every decision accordingly as the meaningful thing that it is. 


This is the truth: there is no one else. Everything that happens next is up to you. Everything that happens in your life is up to you. 


I do not expect you to get the health mandates stopped. Though that can be activism you engage in. I do not expect you to get the executive orders overturned. Though that can be activism you engage in. 


I expect something more important of you, though. 


I expect you to walk through life, to be able to tell people to leave you alone, and for that instruction to be listened to. 


It does not always start there, but if you can simply walk in the authority you have, and to focus on rescuing the values of your life from the fork tongued cajoling of compromise, then you can end up there. You take those steps and take them diligently, and in doing so that is exactly where you will end up — telling people to leave you alone and for that instruction to be listened to. 


Who wants that? 


If you do not already have that, something is wrong, and that wrong thing needs to change. You are being given a special opportunity. You are being given a special chance. All these little niggling impositions can be complied with and can be allowed to wear you down, or you can ignore some of them, laugh at others, and combat yet others. 


I ask you to judiciously take on the face mask. You might be able to deal with it. You might be able to understand why others think it works (a total lie, by the way). You may be able to even find enjoyment in the comfort of wearing the mask as part of the herd. 


But when you put on that mask, you welcome so much worse into your life. I offer you baby steps to manage that scenario through my books and though my email newsletter. There is no reason for anyone to be wearing a mask anymore. You can get around it in literally every situation. 


And the simple ways to get around them do not stop with just managing to get by. 


The real place to be, is being able to say “No!” to impositions on your life and not feel pressured to give an explanation.


That is where we need you. Doing that is walking in your authority. Stopping the face mask in every area of life helps you get there. In that regard, the face mask is a blessing. 


Realizing the righteousness of these battles around us and the opportunities they provide for person growth and for liberating society in the world around you, the warrior is not looking to avoid them, the warrior is asking for more battles to fight. The warrior is looking for more of a chance to fight on the spear tip of the battle. The warrior wants to matter more. The warrior wants to fight more. The warrior wants to win more. The warrior sees the psychological war we are in the midst of and knows that his service is more meaningful than almost any bullet that has ever been shot on almost any battlefield. 


Do you understand how powerful this moment is? 


Do you understand how few humans alive today can matter in the battle as much as you? Do you understand how few humans who have ever lived can matter in the battle as much as you? 


Who among you that sees this time for what it is, could possibly shirk such an opportunity to shape the world as you know it? 


Fight on, dear warrior. How glorious this day is, in which we live. How glorious it will be to arrive together on the other side of this battle victorious. 


In every area of life more is demanded of us. Say no to the nonsense. Push back. Lead. Read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson” (available here)  if you do not know how. It is about the face masks, but also so much more. Read “Face Masks Hurt Kids” (available here) if you do not know why. Signup for the hard hitting daily newsletter at ( Refuse to be enfeebled by the world’s nonsense. You can lead yourself, your family, and the world around you toward better.