Joe Biden Is the Doomsday Scenario We Were Warned About

I have a new name for the current occupant of the White House: Doomsday Joe. We have heard “Creepy Joe,” “Ol’ Joe,” “Sleepy Joe,” and “Stumblin’ Joe,” but now let’s add “Doomsday Joe,” because he, the Democrat Party, and the puppet masters behind the scenes are producing the script and pulling the strings are a cluster munition weapon of mass destruction that is wreaking havoc across America. Who can objectively assert that anything they are doing is good for America or for our allies in the free countries of the world (assuming any remain post-COVID)?

Using the following template, I believe this review can be instructive as to how we conservatives, and our fellow Americans, decide to vote: 1) the Constitution, 2) national security, and 3) the economy.

Let’s examine a few examples, for which there will be minimal commentary so as comprehensive a list as possible is provided in the space allowed. After all, isn’t the “long train of abuses and usurpations” obvious?

The Constitution

Doomsday Joe has done nothing that follows either the spirit or the letter of the Constitution. Instead, he has supported every cultural or deep-state initiative to avoid its appointed limits, if not just pull it out by the roots.

Doomsday Joe’s vaccine mandates were unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court said so. The White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain openly admitted on one of the Sunday talk shows that having OSHA issue the mandate was intended to be a “work-around” of both Congress and the Constitution. So much for that oath of office, right, Joe?

Doomsday Joe has nominated another leftist activist who will (when, inevitably, confirmed) spend the next 30 years or more attacking the Constitution. Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson is the product of a sustained campaign to fill law schools across America not with constitutional scholars who will teach the beauty, value, and singular nature of the Constitution, but with activists who teach how to work around or dismantle the Constitution and conform the law to their own self-serving purposes.

Judge Jackson has a good résumé, with earned accolades. But will the Judge support packing the court? Inquiring minds want to know. Packing the court would destroy the opportunity to challenge a law’s adherence to the Constitution, it will destroy the average citizen’s access to the courts to sue for our guaranteed rights and will deal the Constitution the death blow long sought by the Left.

Doomsday Joe unleashed the unconstitutional powers of the federal bureaucracy on day one to stifle all political dissent and sorely punish all who questioned the outcome of the 2020 election. Even Judge Jackson understands the importance of equal rights under the law and due process, for she defended Al Qaeda terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay. But when Sen. Ted Cruz asked about her position on individuals’ “natural rights,” Judge Jackson stated she had “no position.”

Is that not just perfect? Judge Jackson has a completely fluid, situational-ethics-based view of how the Constitution shall be applied—favorably to Leftist-favored causes but denied to those deemed “deplorable.”

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