Earth Day Is Coming Up. It Is a Good Time To Remind the Public What the Predictions Were 52 Years Ago

On the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, the world was warned that billions would die soon because of a disastrous ice age.  The Earth had been cooling for thirty years, and it was about to get much worse.  Crops would not survive the ice age, so the people couldn’t be fed.  The Earth was cooling even though CO2, the population, and fossil fuel consumption were rising rapidly, which we are told causes warming.

The complicit media dutifully repeated these warnings to scare the public with no questions and no research.  The warnings were 100% wrong because they were WAGS (wild-a– guesses) instead of based on scientific data.

In 1922, this was in the Washington Post to scare the public. Again, there was no research or questions or scientific data before they published this piece.

The Arctic Ocean is warming, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot. Reports from fishermen and seal hunters all point to a change in climate conditions (global warming) and unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stone, while at many points, wel- known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

In 1989, the U.N. essentially gave the same warnings as in 1922 and again the sycophant media reported it to scare the public with no questions asked because they don’t care when they are campaigning for a leftist agenda to destroy America.

A 1989 AP Report: Nations “Wiped Off Face of the Earth” by 2000

The predictions in 1922 and 1989 were 100% wrong, just like the predictions on the first Earth Day, because they were also WAGS.  It is scientifically impossible for fossil fuel consumption and rising CO2 to cause both cooling and warming.  That is not a hard concept.

Despite all the false predictions, the indoctrination never stops.  The U.N. is doubling down in 2022 with the same predictions from 1922 and 1989, and again, we have only a few years left.  Again, the compliant, worthless media just repeat the scare predictions with no questions asked because facts haven’t mattered for a long time, only power for Democrats.

The world is running out of options to hit climate goals, U.N. report shows

With the world on track to blaze past its climate goals, only immediate, sweeping societal transformation can stave off catastrophic warming.

The solution for Democrats, whether it is warming or cooling, is always to take more money and freedom from the people and transfer it to the greedy, powerful government.  They will gladly reduce our quality of life if they get more control.  They would rather have people dependent on them for kickbacks than give people more opportunities to move up the economic ladder.  They always claim it is for the common good.  They claim they are for reducing inequality, but the politicians and bureaucrats always come out ahead.

The two richest counties are, Loudon [sic] County and Falls Church City in Virginia, which are just outside Washington’s city limits. They have average household incomes of $140,382 and $137,551 respectively.

Wealthy people, like the Obamas, build and purchase expensive coastal properties in Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, while they lecture the rest of us that we are destroying the planet, that coastal properties will soon be underwater, and that we must reduce our carbon footprint.  They just make that up, and the media genuflect at how great these hypocrites are.

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