An Open Letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS

Without a doubt, there is an enormous amount of corruption at the highest levels of the FDA, CDC, and NIH that needs to be investigated. In particular, they are hiding the safety signals.

Dear Inspector General Grimm,

There is overwhelming evidence of an enormous amount of corruption at the highest levels of the CDC, FDA, and NIH. These activities are aimed at both:

  1. deliberately suppressing any negative safety and efficacy data about the COVID vaccines
  2. suppressing safe, effective treatments using widely available repurposed drugs and supplements

None of these activities are in the public interest. Collectively, we estimate that they have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It is also clear these actions were not due to negligence or incompetence. The actions are done by people who know exactly what they are doing. When confronted with evidence, they refuse to talk about it.

I’ve listed a few examples below. I would be happy to provide more details upon request on any of these points.

  1. The CDC and FDA are deliberately ignoring their own safety data that shows that the vaccines are unsafe. The safety signals that show the vaccines are too dangerous to us have been flashing “red alert” since January 2021 in the VAERS database which is the official database for reporting safety issues. The public was told that this database was being watched “like a hawk” by the FDA and CDC. How can these agencies see absolutely no signals when others including Dr. Jessica Rose and non-experts such as Albert Benavides were seeing huge safety signals as early as January 2021? How can the CDC miss such obvious safety signals such as more than a 1,000-fold increase in the rate of reported pulmonary embolisms? If it wasn’t the vaccines causing this, then we clearly have a new public health emergency. The CDC claims there are no safety signals. They are lying. It is instantly clear they are lying. See The CDC knew in January 2021 that the vaccines were unsafe, but they said NOTHING. This is unacceptable.
  2. The CDC refuses to acknowledge that there are millions of vaccine injured people in America. The Israeli Ministry of Health did a survey on vaccine injuries and found that 4.5% of people who took the vaccine had neurological issues. I confirmed this same rate of injury with a local physician in my area with over 20,000 patients. Independently, we also know there were hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured people who joined groups on Facebook which Facebook deleted. Why would Facebook find it necessary to remove these groups? And how does the CDC explain the hundreds of thousands of people who joined these groups if the vaccines are safe and effective? The only explanation that fits the data is that the CDC is hiding the fact that the vaccines are unsafe and have injured millions of Americans, many of them permanently.
  3. More than 10 independent methods estimate that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines, yet the CDC says that it hasn’t found a single death due to Pfizer or Moderna. If nobody is dying from the vaccines, how can the CDC and FDA explain the analysis done by Dr. Peter Schirmacher in Germany who is one of the world’s top pathologists? He found that at least 30% to 40% of the deaths within 2 weeks of vaccination were caused by the vaccines. His family is being physically threatened with death if he speaks out about his study. Is this the way science is supposed to work? More troubling is data from embalmers who we have contacted. While some embalmers report a case rate of 40% with telltale blood clots, one embalmer we talked to reported that over 90% of the last 30 cases she embalmed had telltale blood clots that have only been seen in vaccinated people and never seen prior to the COVID vaccines. These clots are not compatible with life. If the vaccines aren’t causing these clots, then what is and why is the CDC saying nothing about the cause of these clots? This should be a national emergency. We have videos of multiple embalmers discovering these clots. None of them have seen these clots prior to the vaccine rollout.
  4. Clear clinical trial fraud is deliberately ignored by the FDA. Maddie de Garay was seriously injured in the Pfizer 12-15 year old trial. She couldn’t walk less than 24 hours after the injection. She’s now a paraplegic on her way to becoming a quadriplegic. Pfizer reported her symptoms as mild abdominal pain. FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock promised me via email she would investigate this case. Nobody ever called. This is not something that could be dropped on the floor by mistake. The FDA deliberately refused to investigate. The Pfizer trial results fraudulently report no serious adverse events to this day. If there isn’t corruption, how is this possible? This is a very high profile case. The mainstream media has ignored it as well. The injury happened to a perfectly healthy 12-year old less than 24 hours after vaccination. This can’t be just “bad luck” since the fact pattern is repeated in other vaccine-injured people.
  5. No cure for the millions of vaccine injured. Not only does the CDC not acknowledge that the vaccines cause injury, they also fail to inform the public that there are no known ways to cure the vaccine injured and restore their health. The FDA has met with the vaccine injured on many occasions. Each time they listen “carefully” and say they will look into it. Nothing ever happens. Why not? They never tell anyone. They clearly know there are many vaccine injured, but will not admit it publicly. They admit nothing to the public about the large number of vaccine injured and their inability to cure these people. That is not in the public interest. This is what informed consent is all about for these experimental products.
  6. They are ignoring the DMED data. The CDC is supposed to be monitoring the DMED data as well as other databases. The DMED data had safety signals as well that clearly showed the vaccines are unsafe. They were unambiguous. Why was there never any public report alerting the public about this?
  7. The public is not getting a proper informed consent briefing. The Nuremberg Code requires that the public get informed consent. The public is not advised of the chance of death or disability from these vaccines. The data is available in VAERS. The CDC doesn’t want the public to know. The public also isn’t being told that the FDA hasn’t been able to “cure” a single vaccine injured patient and restore their health.
  8. The CDC, FDA, and NIH ignore most all email and phone communication attempting to hold them accountable. All attempts to alert responsible individuals at the CDC, the FDA, and their respective outside committees of the safety signals in VAERS were ignored. They simply delete the notifications.

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