No War With China

It’s not enough that brain-dead Biden and the neocon gang that controls him want to start a nuclear war with Russia. They also want to start a war with China too.

Thierry Meyssan pointed out in an article last September: “The announcement of the Australian-British-US (A-UK-US) pact was like an earthquake in the Indo-Pacific region. There is no doubt that Washington is preparing for a long-term military confrontation with China. Until now, the Western deployment to contain China politically and militarily has involved the United States and the United Kingdom as well as France and Germany. Today, the Europeans are left out. And tomorrow the area will be controlled by the Quad+ (US and UK, plus Australia, India and Japan). Washington is preparing a war in one or two decades. . .

China and Russia, the main enemies designated by the Anglo-Saxons, have not yet reacted. Unlike the West, they never communicate about their intentions, but only about the decisions they have already taken and implemented. Speaking for itself, China has expressed indignation at the Anglo-Saxon mentality of forming the broadest and most powerful alliances possible without regard to the intricacies of each player. This is not a communication trick: the Chinese consider everyone as an equal with their own particularities. . .

Everyone knows that the Pacific islets claimed by China will not be the object of a future war. This is because none of the other countries claiming them want this and history has proven Beijing’s claims right. It is quite different for Taiwan.

We remember that Mao Tse-tung achieved the unity of China by defeating one after the other all the warlords who had divided its territory. He also recaptured Tibet, which had seceded and allied itself with Chiang Kai-shek and the West. But he failed with Formosa where Chiang settled. His regime evolved. It went from a ruthless dictatorship to a certain democracy, Taiwan.

The AUKUS Pact seems to be designed to come to Taiwan’s aid if China tried to take it back by force. General Sir James Hockenhull, commander of Her Majesty’s Military Intelligence, confirmed that British armies were recruiting Asian agents. The former Prime Minister, Theresa May, has thrown in the towel by asking the Commons whether or not the pact would go to war if China tried to reclaim Taiwan.

The G7 summit in Carbis Bay in June had seen Japan impose its unwavering support on Taiwan. But it was during this summit that Joe Biden, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson sealed the principle of their pact behind the scenes.”

Some people fear that the government may provoke a war with China in order to distract attention from the runaway inflation of the US economy. US government propaganda has spread false claims about predatory Chinese trade practices to get the American people ready for hostile action toward China. As David Stockman has observed, “Indeed, the entire intellectual property theft meme is just a scam under which the business lobbies have enlisted the FBI and other law enforcement branches to function as taxpayer-financed patent attorneys and litigants.

But that’s not the state’s job at all: Enforcement of intellectual property rights is a cost of doing business that should be borne by patent owners; and not, again, by the proverbial bus driver shopping at Walmart’s and finding the cost of his tariffed necessities rising because some company in China is allegedly stealing trade secrets. Of course, the ultimate case of Trade Nannyism is the perennial whining by the K-Street lobbies that nefarious trade abusers like China ‘subsidize’ their exports.

Why, yes, they surely do…..send foreign aid to American consumers, that is!

To the contrary, if you want to level the playing field for American producers and manufacturers, instruct the Fed to stop its inflationary policies, and, in fact, to get out of the way entirely so that the domestic economy can deflate its high prices, wages and costs and thereby become more competitive on the global markets.’’ China, the warhawks claim, hurts our American economy by selling us goods at low prices and investing in our businesses. We should welcome “harm” like this, which benefits American consumers, rather than aim to destroy the source of our good fortune.

Provoking war with China is an incredibly dangerous policy. Eric S. Margolis, an experienced foreign policy expert, has noted: “But in a US-China war, the Chinese would be fighting almost at home. The US would have to sustain a major conflict many thousands of miles from its home ports. America is the world’s genius when it comes to logistics and mass operations, but even so great distances are punishing. It would prove a bridge too far.” The U.S. would be the aggressor in a war with China. The South China Sea belongs to them, not to us, yet we send our ships there and insist we have a right to control what happens there. Also, a great deal of China’s industry and agriculture is privately owned, so an attack on China would be an attack on private property. Both the neocons and the nationalist “Right” want war with China. We should aim at peace instead, as Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul have taught us.

Let’s listen to the great Dr. Ron Paul, an authentic American hero, who wrote last October: “President Biden’s townhall meeting this past week was a disaster. From his bizarre poses to the incoherent answers, it seemed to confirm America’s worst fears about a president we are told was elected by the most voters ever. Though he didn’t bother campaigning, we are to believe he somehow motivated the most voters in history to pull the lever in his favor. Or mail in a ballot in his favor. Or something.

After the townhall, the Wall Street Journal was early among mainstream media publications to observe that the emperor has no clothes. In an editorial titled ‘The Confusing Mr. Biden,’ the paper wrote, ‘Even with a friendly audience and softball questions, Mr. Biden’s performance revealed why so many Americans are losing confidence in his Presidency’

The Journal focused on one of the most shocking and disturbing revelations from the carefully crafted event: asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if the United States would come to the defense of Taiwan should it come under attack by the Chinese mainland, he replied, ‘Yes, we have a commitment to do that.’

Anderson threw him another softball in hopes he might correct this dangerous misstatement, but Biden was not nimble enough to see his gaffe. He doubled down.

It was left to the ‘Chemical Al’ of this Administration, White House Spokesman Jen Psaki, to ‘clarify’ that when the President signaled a major shift in US policy – a shift that could well lead to nuclear war with China – he was just kidding. Or something.

Said Psaki the next day: ‘Well, there has been no shift. The President was not announcing any change in our policy nor has he made a decision to change our policy. There is no change in our policy.’

In other words: ‘Pay no attention to the man who pretends to be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States’

But this is not George W. Bush, who was elected in 2000 with zero experience in foreign policy. This is not Trump, who was so hapless that he campaigned on a

policy of peace while hiring John Bolton to carry out that policy.

No, Biden has twice been Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Foreign policy has always been considered his one area of competence. Surely the Biden of even the Obama Administration would have understood the potentially catastrophic implications of his statement.

Strategic ambiguity has been US policy toward Taiwan/China for decades, but the new Biden China policy could be re-named ‘strategic incoherence.’

The policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ is foolish enough – who cares who rules Taiwan? – but advancing the idea that the United States is willing to launch a nuclear war with China over who governs Taiwan is a whole other level of America-last foolishness.”