“This is This”

It’s one thing to lose your dignity as citizens, and another to just lose your country altogether….

“This is this,” DiNiro’s character “Michael” famously told Cazale’s “Stan” in The Deer Hunter, explaining the metaphysics of the bullet in his hand, and pretty much everyone watching the movie got the drift of that cryptic utterance. Likewise, Elon Musk’s character “Elon Musk” explained to America’s Maoist managerial legions: “Free speech is free speech” — as if, a week after Twitter’s surrender to Elon, there was some part of the formulation that the Left didn’t understand. (Apparently, all of it.)

What a concept! Free speech is free speech. It has bowled over the — what? — maybe twenty-three percent of the country that considers free speech “a threat to democracy.” This is what comes of inverting and subverting language itself for the purpose of mind-raping the nation like Jeffrey Epstein on a 15-year-old. The Left has exercised a Macumba voodoo death grip on free speech for years now. The deeper the Left’s crimes against the constitution and common decency, the harder they strangled the flow of news, information, and opinion until the mental life of the USA turned into a gibber of shamefully obvious unreality.

It’s one thing to lose your dignity as citizens, and another to just lose your country altogether, and that is the circle of hell that the Left has dragged everyone else into since even before Hillary Clinton booted the 2016 election. This tyrannical Maoist managerial mob, grown paradoxically rich beyond precedent, became a tool of the state itself working around the inconvenient first amendment to hog-tie public debate. Will the US government allow Mr. Musk to get away with liberating the new “public square?”

It looks like the DOJ, the SEC, and perhaps other nefarious actors of degenerate officialdom are fixing to go after the rogue Tesla mogul who had the effrontery to oppose totalitarian control of the narratives driving public life. It’s rumored that money-losing Twitter could not exist without the government footing the bill for the vast, backstage server arrays that enable all Twitter’s messaging. In an odd twist, though, the shareholders were not necessarily benefitting from that symbiotic relationship as Twitter’s stock fell from $71 a share in July ’21 to $32 in March ’22.  But the C-suite of Twitter’s executives were already too massively rich to care about anything but punishing their political enemies — which they did with sadistic zeal — when Mr. Musk surprisingly stepped onto the scene.

The government’s first counter-move, under the vividly deliquescing “Joe Biden” — whose treasonous corruption became Twitter’s job-one to conceal — was to concoct a brand-new agency under Homeland Security called the Disinformation Governance Board, to be run by one Nina Jankowicz, “internationally-recognized expert on disinformation and democratization,” who also happened to be a RussiaGate shill and publicist for the fifty national security officials  who labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story “Russian disinformation” (turned out: not). In other words, America now has a “truth” kommissar who is a soldier in the War on Truth.

Such a desperately stupid maneuver could only come from a regime close to collapse — just as the feculent particulars on Hunter Biden’s laptop are being revealed by many in possession of copies of the laptop’s hard-drive, and while, concurrently, the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, leads an investigation into Hunter B’s business dealings. Those include large-ish payments from nations hostile to American interests for opaque services rendered. So, you have a chief executive (“JB”) compromised mentally and legally, and installed via a janky primary and a dubious election, and, some young cookie fresh out of the Princeton fellowship bakeshop is going to defend him like Wonder Woman wielding her Magic Lasso of Aphrodite?

Homey don’t think so. Homey think the whole wretched episode of orchestrated national mindfuckery is about to come a’tumblin’ down, along with the miserable ghoul in the Oval Office. And that will be followed by the fun of seeing them try to eject Kamala Harris from the scene and replacing her with the likes of Barack or Michele Obama. (Don’t believe it? Just watch.) Of course, all that will be small potatoes to the reveal of cosmic ineptitude or gross criminality (perhaps both!) that is bound to come as Twitter opens up to discussion of our government’s role in the Covid-19 fiasco — which I aimed to help kick off with my first Tweet in a long long time, viz:

Reprinted with permission from Kunstler.com.