A Theory of the Case

There was Scott Pelley of CBS’s 60-Minutes show on Sunday night — the prime-time slot of the new week — all cued up to run interference for the US State Department (and other Deep State “actors”) in the propaganda war over Ukraine. Let’s be brutally frank and get this out of the way: can you really trust either the US news media or the US government to tell you the truth?

Of course, you can’t. You have been boldly lied-to by them with absolute consistency for years now. Common knowledge, which is common sense’s twin sister, has it that the CIA “owns” The Washington Post, the FBI owns The New York Times, and the State Department owns CBS-News. All are conduits for official narratives. And since the State Department is most of all responsible for the Russian clean-up operation now underway in Ukraine, you can bet that CBS-News is in on the info-grift to protect State, its patron.

What Russia had to clean-up was the long-building after-effects of now Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s 2014 engineered Maidan coup against the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. The issue of that bygone day was a tug-of-war between the US and Russia, with Ukraine as the flag in the middle of the rope. Russia wanted Ukraine in the orbit of its economic “customs union” and the US was affecting to pull Ukraine into the Eurozone and NATO — or, at least, use Ukraine as a forward base for NATO, in order to antagonize Russia.

Russia has been the all-purpose hobgoblin that every US agency and many political personages turn to when they are caught doing something nefarious. When Hillary Clinton’s email trove was purloined through her poorly-defended illegal home server, Russia was to blame. That fiasco spawned the multi-year RussiaGate operation that bamboozled half the nation and ended up tainting the FBI, the DOJ, the FISA Court, and both the House and Senate Intel committees.

Then, along came Hunter Biden’s laptop, infamously labeled “Russian disinformation” by every retired senior intel spook still drawing a fat pension. The news about the laptop and its lurid contents was strenuously suppressed by every mainstream media company except The New York Post, and its coverage was banished from Facebook and Twitter which so many Americans rely on for news — an obvious and true conspiracy between government, high tech, and the news media.

All this coincided, you understand, with the horror-show official response to Covid-19 coming on the scene at exactly the same time: winter of 2019-2020. By then, half the country had already been groomed into a mass formation psychosis over the RussiaGate narrative that declared President Donald Trump was a stooge for Vladimir Putin… thus, Trump derangement.

There is the possibility that Covid-19 was hauled onstage deliberately to terrorize the American public, confound Mr. Trump, and prevent his reelection in November 2020. Hence, the panicky scramble ever since spring, 2020, among Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak of the shadowy EcoHealth Alliance, and other public health officials to ward off the suspicion that Covid-19 was created in the Wuhan lab with American sponsorship, and released for the aforesaid purpose of queering the election. Mr. Daszak notoriously put together a paper for the preeminent British medical journal The Lancet, using a roster of medical luminaries to denounce the “lab leak” theory. The Lancet eventually had to withdraw the paper. The Lancet’s reputation will be diminished for years to come, merely one manifestation of medicine’s more general moral collapse and eventual total collapse.

Meanwhile, in the winter of 2020, came impeachment number one of Mr. Trump, provoked by CIA White House mole Eric Ciaramella and his companions-in-sedition Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of the NSC, and Intel Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. At issue, you recall, was Mr. Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zylenskyy, inquiring about rumored grifting operations among the Bidens in that foreign land.  Managing Ukraine, you remember, was in Veep “Joe Biden’s” assigned portfolio of duties. The impeachment segued seamlessly into the Covid panic, distracting the public’s attention from the issues behind the impeachment, namely: what exactly was the Biden family up to in Ukraine, with crackhead Hunter pulling in millions in walking-around money from the Burisma oil-and-gas company? That turned out to be just the tip of the grift-berg.

Ten days before President Trump declared a national emergency over Covid 19 and the ensuing lock-downs, on March 3, 2020, the Super Tuesday primary was held. Joe Biden trailed badly with support in single-digits. Somehow, he miraculously trounced the rest of the field. The narrative constructed afterward attributed the miracle to a single endorsement from Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. (Dominion vote-counting machine hijinks, anyone?) Voila: there is your Democratic Party nominee, the former Veep, “Joe Biden,” not altogether sound of mind, compromised by already-revealed foreign influence-peddling, a malleable figure fronting for a Deep State cabal. Special Covid-19 election procedures (mail-in ballots) shooed him straight into the White House (thanks for your “help,” Mark Zuckerberg).

What you have here is an interesting chain of circumstance: Ukraine, 2014, the astounding flop of Hillary… RussiaGate… the mystifying Democratic primary race… the Ukraine-based impeachment… the Covid-19 fiasco (including deadly mRNA vaccines) … the election of “Joe Biden”… and now Ukraine again. The American Deep State is in a heap of deep trouble. It’s impossible anymore to hide its turpitudes. Even The New York Times and the WashPo have been forced to confess that Hunter Biden’s laptop is for-real, including the thousands of incriminating memoranda and emails on it, along with all the selfie-porn and drugging. It’s obvious that the “president” of the US is corrupt and compromised. Doesn’t look too good.

Additionally, the Deep State must now try to hide the emerging attempted mass murder of the US population via the side effects of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” But the information can’t be hidden anymore and is, in fact, bursting out from unexpected places, for instance, from the life-insurance quarterly actuarial reports which show unprecedented “all-causes” deaths and injuries among people under 60-years-old. We know how this happened. On top of the deadly “vaccines,” introduced with falsified trials, the Deep State suppressed early treatment medications (is still at it, in fact), and instead forced protocols with the deadly drug remdesivir. In sum, America’s government has capped years of lying and conniving via high tech and the news media by killing its citizens. Rochelle Walensky & Company are still urging the public to vaxx-up and “boost.” How is that not criminal?

So, Ukraine is back onstage and the Deep State made sure it would be by refusing to rule out Ukraine joining NATO and by arming and subsidizing a large army that has spent eight years shelling and terrorizing the Russian-speaking population of Donbas in eastern Ukraine. Mr. Zelenskyy apparently was led to believe that NATO would come to his rescue, the poor chump, wherever he really is. CBS-News would have you believe that Russia is perpetrating war crimes by bombing hospitals in Ukraine. What they don’t tell you is that the hospitals were turned into fortresses by the Nazi-inflected Azov brigades.

They also would like you to believe that the Russian operation is a flop. That is not so, though it surely was not a cakewalk. What’s left of the Ukraine army (including its Azov brigades) is cut off from communication, out of diesel fuel, out of ammo, out of food, and soon to be shut down altogether. When that happens, Ukraine will not be used to make needless trouble in the world. The sanctions imposed on Russia have successfully destroyed the financial scaffold of the global economy so that an economic collapse of the nation states in Western Civ is a sure thing. The lingering question: will the hardships to come only reinforce America’s mass formation psychosis, or will it compel us to wake up and pay attention to the attempted suicide of our country?

Reprinted with permission from Kunstler.com.