Doctor! Doctor!....Mr. M.D.

Are you satisfied with your mediocre outcomes given the statistically highest costs of care and overall effectiveness so so poorly rated?

Do you think cures lie just over the next technological rainbow?

Does it bother you that the stated goal of the pharmaceutical mafia that controls the healthcare system is to restrict all knowledge of alternatives to their obscenely pricey pills?  Or that most of your patients are sick from bad foods, industrial poisons, side effect laden drugs and toxic media narratives, and that preventive medicine is absent and public information scant or wrong?

Did you forget what you learned in high school biology or first yr physiology and the conditions needed for health? All the correct nutrients, vitamins, minerals, sun exposure, exercise and emotional stability so rare in today’s crazytown?  Shouldn’t patients have taken responsibility for their own health rather than deferring to the default thinking of “people just get sick for no reason/and if it happens I have insurance and will get a pill”? Did you ever raise a garden, keep an aquarium or have dog?

Goddamit!  Take a look at yourselves in the big mirror.  Your bureaucratically mandated drug-based profession is just wrong. Yes, drugs can save lives but should be secondary to correcting underlying first-causes of fragile health.  You have gone so far down the corrupted university medical rabbithole that your judgement is off kilter.  Does your continuing education include alternative treatments supported by numerous scientific studies?  Some independent clinics get good results using vitamin/mineral infusions and acupuncture as well as herbal, energy, oxygen and probiotic therapies…that your local hospital will not touch with a ten-foot pole.  The idea is to restore normal cellular and immune functions before trying to intervene in some discreet downstream biochemistry.

Do you instruct your patients to do what most of you and your nurses already do?  You eat properly, take supplements like extra Vitamins C & D, magnesium, collagen and probiotic cultures.  Then again as always, personal wealth equates to health. Healthy organic diets are not cheap and the masses are generally economically stressed; stress being a huge health hazard!  In many cases the money they spent for health insurance would have better gone to quality food instead of your second home.  You are not stupid people and know this is true.

“All Disease Begins in the Gut.” It’s a quote attributed to the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates nearly 2500 years ago. Traditional medical systems acknowledged the primacy of the gut; many remedies for systemic disorders involved purgatives to expel toxins and pernicious humors. Up to 90% of people lack diverse gut bacteria. Chlorinated water, antibiotics, glyphosate, plastics and sterile living apart from nature play hell with intestinal bacterial balances. Do you check bacterial presence in a patient’s gut or recommend more than dead yogurt following antibiotic prescription for infections… resulting from poor immunity and compromised gut biomes?  Bacteria, fungi and virus are symbiotic passengers within every animal on the planet and the backbone of live soils plants thrive on. They produce vitamins, enzymes, anti-pathogenics and generally add value to our foods. Remember Hippocrates?

Another thing you forgot is that all life is electrical being powered by electrons and also dependent on electrical impulses for memory and intercellular and intracellular communications. When body voltage falls below .30v, cells stop replicating and become senescent and toxic. Low system voltage also correlates with acidity and cellular hypoxia as oxidative stress/inflammation gnaw away at cell structures and DNA itself!  This is the crux of redox medicine. It focuses on enhancing charge terrain to .40v/pH7.45 while eliminating electron-robbing conditions like heavy metals, processed diets, membrane compromising vegetable oils, excess sugars, lack of sleep and fear/stress. Sometimes the oxidative side of redox balance is called upon to destroy pathogens , cancers and senescent cells via H2O2 oxidation for exaple mimicking a natural immune response.  Redox medicine relies on restoring normal cell functions with the intake of antioxidants, IV infusions of Vitamins C & D and mineral electrolyte cocktails, detoxification protocols, gut-biome enhancement, metabolic efficiency and food & lifestyle corrections.  Mis-trained system Docs ignore this bottomline biology. Since the public is kept in the dark with all things scientific and preventative; the beat goes on.

Vaccinations are in no way more effective than natural immunity gained through exposure. There is also no way to know actual efficacy or dangerous side effects of vaccines since pharmaceutical companies diddle the data and lie like hell with billions of dollars involved. Covid mRNA vaccines have claimed more lives than covid itself; the stats are there despite hysterical pressure to keep boosting. Just look at the excess death counts among vaxxxed millenials and military personnel as well as the incidence of miscarriages, cancers and heart problems among teenage males. And if covid 19, variants and vaxxxes themselves weren’t bad enough, hospital treatments are deadly.  Intubation, isolation and pricey drugs are killing grandma after one bureaucrat “doctor” pushed the fallacy that, “No treatments for covid 19 exist; wait for a vaccine.” Meanwhile alternative clinics using H2O2/iodine and NAC nebulizations, zinc, Vitamins C&D, ivermectin, HCQ, etc., all much maligned by health officials, enjoyed near total success!

Government money and mandates should never replace one’s choice of treatments. Anyone who thinks the entire weaponized covid conspiracy is a “theory”obviously never questioned the hair-on-fire fear campaign to lockdown and vaccinate, virtue signal, censorship of dissenting doctors and  blatant disinformation carried out by the state ministry of propaganda/our beloved media. Secrecy, censorship and the obedience of a bloated bureaucracy are how the elite control their self-serving narratives of war, energy, chemicals and yes the pharmaceutical/healthcare/insurance monopoly. As supposedly intelligent pillars of society, doctors must realize these facts, otherwise please become car salesmen, fruit pickers or house painters.  Though I consider myself my best personal doctor, were I in need I would trust most ERs for trauma and would seek-out a more holistic clinic through ACAM physician finder for chronic or infectious conditions. Remember one always has the right to refuse inappropriate treatments and seek 2nd/3rd/4th opinions.

There are defiant doctors who serve their patients rather than profit-driven standards of care. If there were more of these courageous physicians throwing their weight behind “doctor’s orders” we wouldn’t be a nation where half the people were chronically diseased, guzzling pills and squandering dollars. Where do you stand Mr. M.D?

Before the public was hoodwinked into “believing” in modern techno-care, you M.D.s were brain-washed through medical school and concentration camp like internships and residencies with brutal 18hr days.  You are not essentially bad people!  You may have approached your calling to honestly heal people or for a great income or maybe personal prestige, but were brutally trained like guard dogs to adhere to the pharmaceutical paradigm of the greedy corporations that funded your college. Now you must face your integrity and decide to be a force for truth or simply “go-along to get-along.”

The bigger story goes beyond a fraud-filled healthcare racket and a laboratory manufactured virus.  Lockdowns and quarantines under a state of pandemic emergency crippled our economy!  As the covid threat waned in 2022, up pops a hot war and a refreshed state of fear to distract from the pharmaceutical looting of the U.S. treasury, hyperinflation and the humongous money-laundering schemes of our neo-con leaders. Nothing like a bloody war to cover the tracks of previous treasons and herald in a New World Order.