Today I Present a Trophy to a Tyrant

Alongside some luminaries such as Steve Kirsch, Alix Mayer, and Neil Mammen, I had the joy of participating in a ceremony to present a trophy to public health official Sara Cody on Thursday. 

Sara Cody is the public health officer of Santa Clara County, California, more widely known as Silicon Valley. She is not just any public health officer, she is an architect of the lockdowns nationally and internationally, constantly pushing boundaries on what a population will tolerate. 

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, while as many as 100 of us, accompanied by horn honking members of the truckers convoy, conducted our ceremony outside the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, California, the Big Tech Oligarchs held a ceremony to honor Sara Cody inside. We did not let their award be granted quietly. I had the opportunity to deliver the words below on this occasion. 

These words, to a large degree, apply to every part of the United States and many parts of the world. Not even the most heroic areas of this country were immune from the ill that Silicon Valley saw in abundance. Everywhere we must ask: How did it all go so wrong? How do we make sure that never happens again? 


I stand before you to praise Sara Cody.

For In this part of the country, the quicker a child learns that he is not an individual, the better.

How effectively the mask mandates helped to teach that lesson. How effectively they taught our children that they were something less than an adult, something less than human, something less than an individual. A lesson that many complied and that some continue to.

The Country’s First Lockdowns 

Cody was first to initiate lockdowns alongside the rest of the Bay Area on March 17, 2020, and imposed the harshest restrictions and longer than any county. Despite those assuredly “safe and effective” measures, Santa Clara County curiously has the highest per capita Covid death rate in the Bay Area.

Not only is it good for children to learn that they are just a cog in the machine, but all people should be taught that. Thank you Dr. Cody for the education.

Cody Taught Us How Far A Docile Person Can Be Pushed 

Sara Cody advised employees to eat in their cars instead of a lunchroom. She banned fans from sporting events, closed schools, parks and playgrounds, prohibited Bible study groups, prayer groups, and in-home religious activities.  Sara Cody encouraged all to “Stay home, save lives.” And we all remember 15 days to flatten the curve turned into 750 days alongside mask wearing, 4th boosters, and PCR testing of close contacts.

How effectively Dr. Cody showed us that there is hardly a limit to how far you can push a docile person.

Cody Taught Us The Science Does Not Matter 

Through this all, Dr. Cody taught all of us an important lesson: The science does not matter, only the orders by authority figures matter. The studies do not matter, the data does not matter, again only the orders by authority figures matter. Sara Cody taught us this by never disclosing the science behind her pronouncements. Sara Cody could not show the science, because to this day, there is no science supporting what took place.

In that process, Dr. Cody taught us an unforgettable lesson. She taught us that anyone saying “Following the science,” is either a liar or a fool — and should never again be trusted in a position of authority.

By the way, if you think Sara Cody should see the inside of a jail cell, and have time to help me make that happen, be sure to leave me your contact information.

Cody Deemed The Essence Of Life — Freedom — To Be Non-Essential 

Sara Cody taught us that life could still be fun even with no luxuries like going to a restaurant, breathing fresh air, talking to family members face-to-face, or operating a small business.

When other counties allowed outdoor dining, Cody would not. Businesses in Santa Clara County were 13 times more likely to get slapped with a Covid fine than any other Bay Area county, and the amount of fines was 50 times more than the next highest county, San Mateo County.

Hers is a story of teen suicides, destroyed small businesses, relapsed drug and alcoholism, ruined educations and futures for the younger generations.

In 2019, Bay Area kids were too healthy and too smart. But so were kids around the country and around the world. Sara Cody helped fix that.

According to a Brown University study, her mandates, when fully followed in the presence of a child, had the effect of a 21 point average IQ drop on that child.

In my book Face Masks Hurt Kids, I illustrate how it is not just the mask your child is wearing that is so harmful to your child. It is also the mask that is worn around your child that is also so harmful.

Cody Taught Us How Much Children Matter 

Let me step away from the tongue in cheek words about Sara Cody for a moment and give a sincere word of thanks to her. She did one thing very helpful to society. She closed down the indoctrination centers that are government schools and private schools, a move which caused parents to see the nightmarish ideas that their children were being exposed to.

She caused parents to see how much time was truly wasted in a 6-, 7-, or 8-hour day of school as a teacher tries to teach an entire room full of kids without leaving anyone behind. And in that mess Sara Cody created, she caused some parents to recognize how much more valuable children are than whatever other thing it was that parents were focusing their time on before the lockdown.

Sara Cody, single-handledly caused a home schooling boom in the Bay Area that would not have happened any other way. For this, I am truly grateful. It leaves one wondering if perhaps society might not be better off without forced schooling.

Cody Taught Us How Important Vaccine Safety Is 

And Sara Cody did something else. The vaccine safety movement just two years ago was a minor, fringe movement in our area and in the state. Sara Cody, with her draconian measures, helped move it to the center. It was no longer a movement of a single digit percents of parents. It has become a 20, 30, even 40% of the population large segment, across the entire population. Sometimes tyranny helps you open your eyes. It has certainly helped me do that.

Cody Taught Us How Little The Accountability Of Public Outcry Means To The Unelected 

Not one to be swayed by the rights of the public, when lockdowns wore on the populous, Sara Cody did not do any of the things that leaders of free people do: such as show the science, debate her opponents, or heaven forbid relax the lockdowns. She intensified the lockdowns. When members of the public increasingly came to her office seeking to have a meeting to understand where she was coming from, Sara Cody stopped showing up at her office, which meant she wasn’t just unelected but was also unreachable by the public — Dr. Cody, the public health officer turned into Sleepy Sara hiding in her basement. There was a lot of that in 2021.

Quite naturally, members of the public began showing up at her house looking to meet. When members of the public showed up at her house, did Sara Cody invite them in to talk? Did she step outside for a chat? Did she offer to go for a walk around the block for a few minutes to understand their concerns?


She bought powerful floodlights to blind the protestors. They were pointed toward the sidewalk with the intention of blinding protestors. And she hired bodyguards to intimidate.

Sara Cody did not seem to understand how this works. There are more us than her, and we are more resilient. We will win whether this be long-lasting or short lasting, it is only a matter of how much pain the establishment chooses to endure before the establishment finally collapses in exhaustion.

The more it makes us work, the more change the establishment will be forced to endure. That is how every grassroots revolution works.

Cody Taught Us Why Silicon Valley Is Uniquely Vile 

The placement of Sara Cody in Silicon Valley is important. It means something special. She can ignore the public and pay attention to the big tech oligarchs who fund her pet projects. There is a limit to that.

I Present To You The Magnum Opus Of Sara Cody 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the magnum opus of Sara Cody: 2020, 2021, and 2022. Look all around you, you will see the masterpiece of Sara Cody:

Suicide is up.

The state is emptying out.

The people are hurting.

She has shown us that she is here to kill, she is here to steal, and she is here to destroy.

Just as we credit the Sistine Chapel as the pinnacle of Michelangelo, the 9th Symphony as the pinnacle of Beethoven, 2020, 2021, and 2022 will one day be known as the pinnacle of Sara Cody.

Fortune Is Always Changing & Courage Nullifies Tyrants 

And now is a perfect time to give this award, for a truism in life is how quickly the wheel of fortune turns.

One moment a tyrant is on top of the world, the next moment the tyrant is in prison.

The tyrants of the past were often dealt with severely, but it is not through death that one must handle a tyrant. Quite the opposite — courage nullifies tyranny.

Cowardice empowers it.

I am talking here about your spiritual authority, and I am talking about your authority in this world.

So I call on you this day to do that which nullifies tyranny.

When told to wear a mask: be courageous.

When told to comply with nonsense: be courageous.

When told the state knows better than you what is right for your child, be courageous.

Sara Cody is part of the problem. A horrible part of the problem and she deserves accountability. 2020 must follow her as her magnum opus through life. Never again should she be considered able to live it down. Apology is needed. Sincere apology and reform. She ruined people’s lives. How many loved ones of mine had their lives forever ruined by Sara Cody’s toxic COVID response. How many loved ones of yours? How many people who have no ability to speak up and put her in her place?

But We Must Not Merely Scapegoat Cody, We Must Also Turn The Mirror On Ourselves — How Did We Contribute To This?  

But we must not stop there. We must ask ourselves: What role did I play? When did I wear the mask? When did I take the shot? When did I let those lies fester in my midst unchallenged? Did anyone ever say “safe and effective” in front of me without me scoffing? When did I bend the knee? When did I support the worst tyrants with my dollars? Not just tax dollars — did I ever stand up for the grocery clerk who wanted to be unmasked? Did I insist on being seated with the unmasked waitress? Did I leave my doctor because he fell for this psychosis, or did I grin and bear it? When did I remain silent as a loved one spoke up, unsure what he was supposed to believe? When did I refuse to lead those around me?

The truth is this — Sara Cody is as sick as they come. And Sara Cody is also a product of our era.

Hyenas, Sheep, & Lions Have Existed Throughout History 

Throughout history, you have hyenas like Sara Cody, taking advantage of good people. Though there are some eras in which the Sara Codies of the world do get lead, they are not the people who shape the trajectory of history. The hyenas do not shape history.

Also, throughout history there is a great mass of people, though they be large in number, they do not lead, they do not decide the trajectory of history. Some describe them as sheep. They sometimes act sheeplike. Every era has them. They are unsure of who to follow. They look around society hesitantly. They have no idea what to do ever — not for a moment of life, not unless someone tells them what to do. Imagine the horror of living through a time like this with 1.) no idea of who to trust or 2.) not idea of what values are important.

I am so glad that is not me. I have a different responsibility to bear. And you do too.

The sheep do not decide. The hyenas do not decide. And now, I look around, at you.

In all periods of human history, the trajectory of society was determined by the lions. Would they be awake and in control of their domain, spreading their values, their authority everywhere they walked. That is the nature of an awake lion. He spreads Freedom everywhere he goes. He doesn’t even have to try.

The Formula For Saving The Day 

I don’t even need you to try. I just need you to live as honestly and authentically to your values as you can. That’s all this period needs of you.

Listen to me. I am going to give you the formula. This is all that is needed of you to save the day — for yourself and for those around you.

To identify your boundaries, to communicate your boundaries, and to defend your boundaries. Which is the same as to identify your values — for yourself, to communicate your values clearly to yourself and others, and to defend your values when they are stepped on in your presence.

That is all you need to do dear lion: honestly being yourself and live out your values. All the rest will follow. All the rest will fall in line. Overnight, no, probably not. But you might be surprised once in a while. It might take some work to get everything back in its proper order.

The hyenas run and hide when the lion is awake. The sheep turn to him for guidance when the lion is awake. Times are good when the lion is awake.

The alternate is for the lion to be asleep.

After 9/11, government told the American people, go to sleep child, we’ve got this. And many Americans went to sleep. Most importantly, many lions went to sleep.

Which means waking up the lions is just the first step to righting the wrongs, but it is the most important step.

Ladies and gentlemen, that hyena needs to run from the lion. Every hyena needs to run from the lions.

But before you chase Sara Cody, don’t just scapegoat her. Ask a question — what role did you play in the corona communism of 2020? What role do you continue to play?

And then vow right now to stop it.

You are awake, lion.

Now society needs you to chase away the hyenas.

Thank you for being the lions that you are. Thank you for being awake.

We are winning this battle and must now bring that victory to fruition by living those free lives, waking up other lions, and roaring to the hyenas that they are no longer in charge of this land we proclaim as ours.

Be decisive. Stop with the mask. If you don’t know how, read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson if you don’t know how. Read “Face Masks Hurt Kids if you don’t know why. These books are about so much more than face masks. Signup for the hard hitting newsletter at ( Refuse to be enfeebled by their nonsense. You can lead yourself, your family, and the world around you toward better.