Please Stop Seeing Doctors Who Require Masks — Your Life Depends On It

Dear Allan,

Have you been able to not wear a mask inside a medical facility? I have to take my son in for a routine physical at [Name of Big Name West Coast HMO Redacted], and I do not want to be forced to wear a mask!

Any way around this? We have a legal right to be seen by a doctor. I seriously get anxiety now if I am forced to wear one.

Thanks for any suggestions.

— Mother Of Two 


We are in a different stage in the game. It is not 1992 anymore.

If you believe in freedom, HMO’s are probably out of the question at this point.

Dropping by the doctor because of sniffles is probably out of the question too.

Getting the doctor to give your child antibiotics for a common cold, just so you feel better about having gone to the doctor, is probably out of the question, as well.

The last one I threw in there to drive home what a different time we are in. Of course, you would not do such a thing, but you really need to consider not doing any of the other things either. Thirty years ago, you might have taken antibiotics for the flu without having thought twice about it, because trust the white coat.

Today Is A Different Story 

Today is a different story. Today, around 80% of the people I speak to have a home pharmacy stocked with black market prescriptions and can practically defend a dissertation on the proper off-label use of pharmaceuticals and supplements. Three years ago, that was not the case.

Backwoods medicine is back.

That is the medicine that the overwhelming majority of human history was filled with — Local botanicals, tried and true remedies, and giving birth at home.

Nothing about that equation was developed in 18 months and rushed to market. More like 1,800 years. Nothing newfangled about that method, which is exactly what you want when you are dealing with something as steady as the human body — time tested and trusty remedies.

The Professionalizing Of Medicine 

Sometime, less than a century or so ago, humanity generally began to move away from that view of medicine and allowed it to become professionalized. Healing had long been a field set apart, but the professionalization of the field was a whole new extreme. Young men who attended lectures on the topic of medicine and who read occasional scientific journals were deemed more prepared than the old woman who lived down the way who learned by actually practicing this stuff hands on.

It takes decades of experience for the white coat to learn what the local healer knows, and that’s only possible if the white coat is trying to learn what the local healer knows.

Turns out, medical school lectures and exams are a great way to figure out who is the most obedient, simian human in a community. Put him in an outfit and train him, and he will follow instructions. He is not exactly the type who is going to make a big stink when his paymaster and colleagues tell him to get in line. Groupthink extraordinaire entered what was an imperfect, though, largely effective, affordable, and speedy system for local health care provided by the backwoods model.

The De-Professionalizing Of Medicine 

We are now in the midst of a de-profesionalizing of medicine. Though it has long been a topic for conversation, en masse, many are now seeing just how bad the professionalized medical field can be.

But honestly, most people who are still wearing masks to see doctors have not seen the worst. They would not still be visiting a doctor masked if they understood what they were doing. To wear a mask to a doctor shows that you are missing some of the most valuable lessons of 2020 and beyond. If you cannot quickly catch up on those lessons, you are at risk for repeating them.

Lots Of People Die Because They Trust And Obediently Obey Doctors Who Do Not Deserve Their Trust 

Let me start here. I have heard too many stories of people dying at the hands of doctors, some of them people very close to me. They walked in and obeyed and never got out of that bed. They died as a direct result of their obedience.

That is not how effective medicine works. Doctors examine you and propose some theories and you push back on them to help them develop the most effective treatment possible. Good medicine is like a negotiation between two people who want the best outcome for the patient. Lots of communication is often needed for the doctor to know how to best help you.

If you sit there like a sack of potatoes, you’ll get treated as such. Assertiveness will likely be a virtue acquired by many Americans during this time of such widespread malpractice and negligent homicide by the medical community. I suspect medicine will look very different several years from now.

Some People Refuse To Even Go To A Doctor

There are some people who once diligently went to the doctor’s office for every minor malady, who will never step foot in a doctor’s office again. Some previously obedient patients realized, through the rationing of medical services that followed the Ides of March 2020, that they are fine without regular visits. Others just fell out of the habit. Still others simply resolved they would be happier dying at home than living if it required them risking a visit to a hospital. Though I have no polling data, I suspect the number of people who feel that way in the US right now — would rather die at home than risk a visit to the hospital — is in the millions, perhaps even tens of millions.

Societally, there has been a massive indictment of the medical system and no institutional organs are honestly working to remedy that. The institutional efforts have been to silence that or declare patient concerns “misinformation.” “Trust the white coat!” predictably remains the response to such concerns. Accordingly, distrust in professionalized medicine will grow and fester. This is a much-needed reset that society will benefit from.

Why You Must Not Take Your Son To A Doctor That Requires Masks 

Let me turn the specific attention to you now, Dear Reader. I’m going to take a few more minutes to answer this one, because I think this is a big and important question you ask.

Please consider leaving that HMO. Please find a different doctor. You are mentioning the face mask, a concern very dear to me.

However, I would like you to see this differently. I would like you to consider your concern about the face mask as an indication of your distrust for the doctor and his staff. If you need to stress over the face mask with this doctor, imagine how many other things that doctor has already proven himself unworthy of being trusted with? 

That doctor wields tremendous power once you enter his officer, if he so chooses to. That power goes far beyond the mere authority of the white coat in an interaction with a patient.

Once you are inside that doctor’s office, you have diminished rights as a parent. It can become complicated to legally decline treatment. Protective services can be called on you to investigate the matter, which can make for an uncomfortable afternoon of waiting around and explaining why you do not like a certain mode of treatment. As a result of this, perhaps there are follow-up office visits with protective services, home visits from protective services, or hearings in the future. What could also be the outcome is that your child could be taken away.

The Ongoing Baby Cyrus Struggle Illustrates This 

In the police state of Idaho right now (inaccurately considered so attractive by many Blue Staters), is the ongoing drama of Baby Cyrus  who has several times been separated from his breastfeeding mother because he did not fit the weight profile for his age. This was possible because Baby Cyrus came in contact once too many times with an arguably well-intentioned agent of the state who was just being a busy body and following his training.

In the current system, everyone from pastors, to private school teachers, to doctors and nurses at private clinics, to, of course, police officers are all agents of the state expected to follow their training and at every possible opportunity to insert you and your family into the system for the system to sort out your innocence or guilt. In the process, the system will tear apart your family and impoverish you while it sorts out what the truth of the situation is and whether you are to have basic human freedoms afforded to you, such as the right to raise your child. Until then, no basic rights are extended to you. Instead your child is kidnapped and left in the care of some of the most psychologically disturbed people, because that is better for a breastfeeding infant that being with his mother.

It is only by the goodness of the doctor and the disinterest of the staff to report you that such a thing does not happen. On paper and in practice, if they want to push the issue, your rights as a parent are almost non-existent in a doctor’s office.

Just Simple Wellness Checks 

If a health care provider wants to make it so, you may have a very difficult time insisting that you be in the room with your child against the will of a health practitioner. A wellness check for abuse can be insisted upon at any time. At such a moment, with you not present, any treatment can plausibly take place (medicines, vaccines, other injections), no matter how awful you or I perceive that injustice to be. What takes place in that room can be something you do not ever learn a thing about.

You can confidently pretend that would never happen at this doctor’s office, but to think so would only prove your ignorance on the topic of medical kidnapping. As you’ve read this piece, I estimate three children in your state have just been pressured into or subjected to treatment that their parents firmly opposed at the outset of the doctor’s visit. Only by the goodness of your doctor and staff — which is not very good based on their face mask policies — is that not happening to you. You are taking foolish risks and setting yourself up for a bad situation by visiting a doctor like that. Your child deserves better.

That Thickheaded Scrutiny Of Someone Just Following The Rules Is A Danger That Parents Need To Constantly Protect Children From 

While your child is in that room for an impromptu child abuse wellness check, any parental decision can be scrutinized. Imagine the conversations that someone who wants to twist the truth could con your child into having. “Is your mother ever mean to you?” Where do you think that conversation could lead if someone were in a deceptive mood or if that person had a temperament for twisting the truth?

Or what if your child were asked, “Have you ever thought about hurting yourself?” What could that mean to his life if a deceptive person were the one asking the question. That question in the hands of someone deceptive could impact your child’s life for decades. I know someone impacted by that type of scenario in the 1990s, when the state’s intrusion into the family was far less established. The wrong answers in such a moment can really haunt a person for life. How much worse could that be for someone today?

And maybe you trust the nurse. Maybe she is someone you have known twenty years. (Follow-up email indicates the nurse is in fact a relative.) But what if the nurse calls in a social worker for a second round of questions? And the nurse says “Well, I am a mandated reporter, and he said that his mom is mean to him sometimes,” or “He says he has thought about hurting himself.” Where do you think that could go?

You, furthermore, have no right to know what took place in that room. Those rights that you attempt to assert provide no guarantee that you receive accurate information. It is only by the goodness of the doctor and the disinterest of the staff that such things do not happen.

This should all be reason enough to only step foot in the office of a doctor you trust deeply, and to only do so seldom and judiciously.

Not Only Is Your Doctor Untrustworthy And Powerful, We Live In Times That Amplify That Reality 

Let us additionally consider the specific time and place in which we live. Through the course of my writing and organizing on these topics, I have heard the horror stories repeatedly that follow a tragedy like this — a person walks into a doctor’s office healthy, is tested for Covid, ends up at the hospital, and is dead 3 weeks later, after healthcare providers followed a cascade of interventions, none of which would have individually killed the patient, but which in total did kill the person.

Often the last contact with family was when the family was told, “We will just admit him, and you can pull the car around to the visitor’s entrance and visit him a little later.” We live in a time in which those words, for thousands, literally marked the last opportunity someone had to prevent the death of their loved one. For thousands of others, going to a doctor or agreeing to take a PCR test was the last opportunity they had to prevent the lethal cascade of interventions. Under the current standard of care, this cascade of interventions is set in motion long before a patient or family member can recognize that the care providers will permit no turning back.

When all is said and done, the death is labeled Covid-19 and several entities, governmental and non-governmental, receive a paycheck because of that determination of the cause of death. Death is not always the outcome. Severe injury is another outcome of such intervention.

This cascade of interventions could be triggered if your son’s allergies are simply acting up or if a nurse just walks up to your son and says “open up” and swabs his mouth with the diagnostic failure that is the PCR test or the antigen test.

You are at the mercy of the doctor when you enter that office. The specific doctor you mention demands you wear an unsafe and ineffective face mask. The face mask is so conclusively unsafe and ineffective that I was able to fill a 500-page book with writing on the topic of how harmful they are for kids. That is how out of touch the doctor you refer to is. If you ask me, that doctor shouldn’t be anywhere near your child or any child. 

Your concern is over the face mask. The face mask is a litmus for how untrustworthy the doctor, his staff, and the HMO are.

Please Just Pay Out-Of-Pocket For The Physical & Keep Your Kid Far Away From The Maskhole Doctors 

I do not know what the appointment will cost if you pay cash at a trustworthy care provider. $40? $140? $400?

I suspect the cost is somewhere in there. There are many options for treatment. Some wonderful local care providers are mentioned in my weekly newsletter (not available everywhere), and others around you probably know care providers who will do a physical for cash. Also, there are probably a wide range of naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, or RNs who can do the physical. As one example, Dr. Pierre Kory has a good publicly accessible database of care providers who do not buy the narrative.  Many similar lists of doctors also exist, though such lists only represent a small portion of doctors at this point who do not buy the narrative. Every area has doctors who will not require a mask, if you simply prioritize finding those doctors.

Your borg of an HMO, on the other hand, is full of low talent doctors who gave up thinking for themselves sometime around the age of six. Once in a blue moon you find a thoughtful doctor in such organizations. Just like in the academy, thinking for oneself is discouraged, and thoughtful healthcare practitioners simply do not get drawn to such places.

Please consider it worth every penny to keep your son as far as possible from your HMO’s system.

If you want hopeful stories of what people went through to get into an appointment, I can share those. I do not think this is the situation for those approaches, though. I believe that doctor is telling you very clearly what kind of person he is, and it is possible that you may not be listening. 

Say no to the nonsense. Push back. Lead. Read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson if you don’t know how. Read “Face Masks Hurt Kids if you don’t know why. These books are about so much more than face masks. Signup for the hard hitting newsletter at ( Refuse to be enfeebled by their nonsense. You can lead yourself, your family, and the world around you toward better.