The Globalists’ Insidious Strategy For Russia and Ukraine

In his recent appearance on Face the Nation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Margaret Brennan:

“The Ukrainians have killed more Russians in three weeks than we lost in Afghanistan and Iraq in 20 years. I think we ought to go into this believing the Ukrainians can actually win. And the way they win is for us to get these defensive weapons system to them as rapidly as possible.”

Listening to this one is seized with despair, because McConnell’s words reveal the monstrous strategy that is being adopted by the western ruling elites regarding the Ukrainian war.

These elites now smell blood in the water. They hope to drag the war on Ukraine for as long as possible, get Russia bogged down and bleed it out, both in terms of human life as well as financially.

This is an inhuman and misguided strategy that is likely to backfire.

To begin with, this war has been provoked by western globalists who were imperiously bent on driving NATO all the way to the Russian doorstep. This was understandably and rightly perceived by Russia as a move that posed a serious threat to its national security.

Russia had for years warned, pleaded, and implored the West not to do this, but to no avail. NATO, lead by the United States, did something the Unites States would never allow were the situation reversed. The United States would never allow a hostile military alliance on its borders. We saw what happened during the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviets were trying to bring military installations to Cuba. The United States threatened both Cuba and Russia and was ready to start a nuclear war if necessary to halt that undertaking. The United States was, of course, justified in its demands then. The Russians now feel the same about Ukraine.

Please watch the lecture below in which one of the world’s most distinguished political scientists Prof. John Mearsheimer explains who is responsible for this crisis. It is sufficient to watch only the first 25 minutes of the video.

Whatever we may be told by the media, the Ukrainians cannot win this war, since they are greatly overpowered by the Russian forces. The main reason why the Russian advance has been slow is because the Russians have been careful to minimize civilian casualties. The Ukrainian fighters have been taking advantage of this by using their own people as human shields.

If you do not believe this, please watch Ukrainians soldiers setting up rockets on top of a residential building in the city of Mariupol. Having been scattered by their more powerful foe, this is the only strategy for the embattled Ukrainians left to pursue.

If they keep doing this, sooner or later the Russians will become more ruthless, and the death toll will skyrocket. Whether we like it or not, the Ukrainians simply cannot come out on top in this dreadful conflict. The longer this war lasts, the more people will die and more of Ukraine will get wrecked.

But this is apparently okay with the western ruling elite who see a chance to bleed Russia in the same way we bled in Afghanistan and Iraq. That a country will get completely wrecked and hundreds of thousands of innocent people will die does not particularly seem to bother them.

Not only do they want to prolong the war in Ukraine, they, in fact, want to expand it further.

A couple of weeks ago they tried to goad the Poles into giving their jets to the Ukrainians even though Russia had made it clear that it would consider such a move an act of war. This action would be akin to Russia urging the Syrian government to give airplanes to the insurgents in Iraq while we were conducting military operations in that country. We would have doubtless declared such a provocation an act of war by both Syria and Russia, and we would have taken retaliative actions which would almost certainly include some kind of military punishment of the offending parties.

The Poles, however, saw through the ploy and did not take the insidious bait which would have brought them into direct conflict with Russia. Instead, they called the bluff and turned the tables on the warmongering schemers in Washington, DC. Without consulting the Biden administration, they issued a statement in which they said they would make their jets available by flying them to an American base in Germany, but it would have to be the Americans who would do the actual handover.

Exposed and humiliated, the Biden administration declined the Polish “offer” and promptly dispatched Kamala Harris to Warsaw to pacify the Poles who were seething at such betrayal by a supposed ally.

Now Joe Biden has come to Europe with promises of support and weapons for Ukrainians. He will encourage the Ukrainians to fight until the last drop of their blood. He will do it even though he knows all too well that the Ukrainians can never win this fight and will get slaughtered and shattered in the process.

But never mind. The Washington schemers do not care about the lives or well-being of the Ukrainian people. They are using Ukraine as a proxy in a war with Russia, hoping that their fighters will inflict sufficient damage on the Russian military to destabilize Putin’s regime in Moscow.

It is awful to think that our regime could be so cynical. For their part, they probably soothe their conscience by telling themselves that they are only engaging in realpolitik 101. The Soviets did this to us in Vietnam, which they used as their proxy against us, so we now do the same thing to Russia.

But the question is why do the global elites hate Russia and Putin in particular? They tell us that Vladimir Putin is a bad and corrupt man who stole from his people to accumulate great wealth and luxury for himself. But this surely cannot be the main reason, because the leader of the free world is also corrupt.

It is well-known that while he was vice president of the United States, Joe Biden would sell his influence around the world for his own personal enrichment. This he did through his lamentable son Hunter. Hunter, for example, was on the board of a Ukrainian gas company called Burisma. Even though Hunter knew little about gas, he was being paid one million dollars a year in an obvious influence peddling scheme. His father, “The Big Guy,” as Hunter referred to him in his emails, would get a cut from the loot.

Rudy Giuliani called the Bidens a crime family. Even though this may sound harsh, it accurately describes their activities. Like some global gangsters, they prowl around the globe filling their pockets through illicit ventures while scheming with some of the most corrupt people in places like Ukraine, China and Russia. The plentiful evidence of their mischief is contained on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. This hard drive is authentic beyond any doubt, which is something even the New York Times has recently conceded. And yet our compromised institutions – such as the Department of Justice and the FBI – refuse to investigate these crimes.

The main reason why the globalists loathe Putin is because he does not want to play their game. He refuses to accept their woke ideology and become part of their corrupt global order based on the collapsing dollar and driven by the desire to plunder the world’s resources and populations.

Vladimir Putin wants to keep Russia’s wealth for himself, for his supporters and also for his people. He sees what the globalists have done to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and others. They invaded and destroyed these countries and sucked out whatever wealth they could. And while millions in those lands have been killed and had their lives ruined, the architects of these disasters are well and enjoying their ill-gotten gains. One of them is Joe Biden who had his hand in all these ventures as he was a high government official while they were being planned and executed.

Since Putin does not really want to share the great mineral and natural wealth of his vast country with the globalists, they want to take him out.  Once they bring Putin down – or so they think – they will install a puppet in his place who will throw the doors open for multinationals to plunder Russia’s resources in the same way they have done in other places.

But they seem to forget that they cannot kick Putin around in the same way they did Saddam Hussein and Moammar Khadafi.

For one thing, Putin has more nuclear warheads than anyone else on earth. If backed into a corner, it is likely he would use them.

We would do well to remember the wise warning of John Quincy Adams who advised us not to go abroad in “search of monsters to destroy.”

We should always try to pursue peace and not warmonger, especially in places like Ukraine where we have no vital national security interest.

To get ourselves bombed with thermo nuclear warheads over Ukraine would be a terrible mistake indeed.