TK Mashup: Adam Schiff Says "Kremlin" A Lot

A California congressman discovers a new favorite word, while the CIA's former Chief of Staff auditions to become MSNBC's next super-anchor

As additions to last week’s piece, “The Media Campaign to Protect Joe Biden Passes the Point of Absurdity,” TK’s Matt Orfalea spliced together two more montages.

The first, “Adam Schiff Says ‘Kremlin’ a Lot,” is self-explanatory, but no less damning. The California congressman came out of the womb spouting Cold War bromides, and since the beginning of the Trump presidency surpassed even all Russians as the most Russia-focused person on earth. Usually, public figures are taught in Basic Media Training to push out three planned messages per TV appearance irrespective of questions asked. The House Intelligence Chair during the laptop fiasco whittled his message down to an impressive single word: “Kremlin!”

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