Bill Sardi Transitioned Out, Via Hospital: Great MYSTERY, Given What He Took !

Hello Bill Sardi fans, I’m devastated to report that my friend, mentor, and hero, the brilliant, dedicated and very generous, Bill Sardi, recently passed away. If you are like me, you probably assumed he was indestructible. Well, he almost was, to have hung on so long with what he endured. His brother, actually a twin brother, kindly kept me in the loop while he was being treated (or mistreated?) and he documented below what happened.

Bill was a dedicated Christian, so he is at peace.Also know that Bill’s passing in no way contradicts anything that he taught us and in many ways confirmed his opinions. (I always thought if he died before age 120, it would be from a big pharma hit!)

What isn’t mentioned in this article is what I believe initially weakened his cardiovascular system—a 5-year-long excruciatingly painful custody battle for his beloved teenage son. Any time that I talked with Bill, I heard the details of the brutal struggle and unfair opposition tactics. The family courts in California seem to be prejudiced against fathers…no matter the facts.)  We should know by now our emotions affect our health. What he was up against was literally heartbreaking. I waited to make this announcement until I had useful details. Note: we will continue to support Bill Sardi’s legacy and our education with periodic replays of his interviews. I will try to fill the void with other great guests, but wish me luck because I honestly don’t know anyone else who can brilliantly dig into the science and connect the dots to come up with innovative solutions quite so creatively as he did.

What Killed My Twin Brother, Bill Sardi? – (DOD February 14, 2022)

By Wayne Sardi

March 7, 2022

My twin brother, nationally known health researcher and journalist Bill Sardi, died of a mysterious medical condition on February 14 in a local hospital.  Bill was a national figure on the website and the lead personality in the famous Covidland video documentary. He was also known as the monthly “vitamin guy” on Martie Whittekin’s ‘Health By Nature’ national radio broadcast out of Dallas, Texas. Bill was a long-time opponent of vaccines.

Ironically, on January 21 he entered a local hospital with symptoms superficially understood as pneumonia and hypoxia, associated with coronavirus 19.

But Bill’s listeners, readers and even his opponents, want to know, was it coronavirus?

Back on January 12 before entering the hospital Bill texted, he was:

“terribly ill, on oxygen-assisted breathing, taking Z-Pack antibiotics, prednisone, budesonide for nebulization and anti-inflammatories”.  He added: “I am under good care (at home) – Dr. XY via Zoom. My 02 levels are low, however.  I may get MAB (monoclonal antibody mAB) today. That is not my problem. Lungs are difficult to expand. My (designated Power of Attorney) does all my thinking for me now as I can’t think well with low O2 levels”.  Note: Bill’s prior request for monoclonal antibodies was rejected at that time.

He was also given high dose intravenous Vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin B-1.  On January 16, Bill texted:

“I did not test positive for C-19 twice.  I do not have pneumonia. I have shallow breathing – O2 is 77-88. I drank coffee this am – was helpful. I take hydrogen water, hydroxytyrosol and zinc, Ivermectin, MAF (macrophage activating factor). Nothing helping except coffee and cream of rice cereal”.  Note: coffee reduces tightness in a person’s airway.

Upon entering the hospital Bill again tested negative even on the bogus Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. The ICU nurse told me by phone call he was diagnosed with viral pneumonia, but she did not mention coronavirus or heart attack.  Later, he tested positive for C-19, but the PCR test is so unreliable.

By January 22, the hospital intubated and ventilated Bill and reportedly wanted to give him Remdesivir, the infamous drug given coronavirus patients that is associated with kidney failure and increased risk of a cardiovascular event. However, I have not been able to verify he got Remdesivir against his verbal Advance Directive, given the hectic situation in the hospital and inconsistent first-hand reports.

His excluded supporters – his church (Robert Schuller Ministries, Newport Beach), Front Line Doctors, his team of medical advisers, legal advocates and myself – were left virtually powerless by the dictates of the hospital, the lockstep Fauci protocol of isolation and Remdesivir, and the legal process of delegated medical power of attorney (POA).

Members of Bill’s church tracked me down in Arizona to exercise my implied power as next-of-kin to get a court order to substitute me for the POA and remove Bill from the hospital.  But the medical POA stood firm that he would not authorize moving Bill.  Bill’s supporters and I as next of kin were reduced to bystanders who could not directly communicate with Bill or hospital staff and could not move him to another hospital and Bill was non compos mentis on addictive pain drugs. It was suggested to get the hospital to do a heroic tracheostomy just to get him out of the existing Fauci protocol hospital.

Anti-Fauci protocol advocate groups allege that hospitals are killing coronavirus patients by weaning them off oxygen and ventilation too fast.  Conversely, when hospitals put patients on 100% oxygen it ruins their lungs permanently.

Unbeknown to our team of outsider supporters one of Bill’s business partners was concurrently trying to get him transferred to Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles. Unlike the Fauci-protocol hospital Bill was in, Barlow measures how many patients it can wean off ventilation and oxygenization and return to normal lung function; not how many patients it can collect bonus Medicare funding authorized under the $2 trillion CARES Act.  Simultaneously I was redundantly lining up a long-term care facility for Bill to get transferred to.

Nonetheless, Bill started recovering after a week in the hospital when his supporters demanded that his ventilator, oxygen and addictive sedation (phentanyl) be reduced.  It was reported that Bill came out of his drug-induced sleep and was able to communicate by nodding his head and signaling with his arms.    He was reported to be agitated and resisting his intubation that left him unable to talk. He was thus given more sedation. In other words, Bill was very aware of the plight he was in and that he had been ventilated against his specific directives.  Every one of his business associates and close friends told me that Bill would never have voluntary assented to ventilation, intubation or Remdesivir (or vaccination).

But soon it was reported that Bill had a possibly iatrogenic (doctor created) symptom – fever from an infection from inside the hospital.  He was put back on full ventilation, oxygen and sedation.  However, as the fever subsided Bill was soon found to be now suffering from kidney failure.  His Blood-Urea-Nitrogen (BUN level) was in the dangerous 130 range (normal is 7 to 21).  We demanded through the POA designate to do a sonogram of his legs to determine if he had clotting there.  If no clots, vascular pneumatic compression devices could be put on Bill’s legs to reduce his edema, improve circulation and lung function. Moreover, the adrenal glands on the kidneys produce hormones to keep the heart pumping (epinephrine is a hormonal neurotransmitter).  But the sonogram and compression devices never happened in part because a sonogram was not done to first determine if he had clots in his lower extremities. Curiously, apparently Bill never received an EKG. Bill was on blood thinners and anticoagulants.

By a near-act-of-God, at this time Bill’s church had discovered that a monoclonal antibody treatment called Leronimab (Cytodyn Inc.) was able to save former President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada, and others who reportedly had terminal coronavirus.  A close associate of Bill’s had identical symptoms of clotting and impaired breathing at the same time and was cured by monoclonal antibodies.  There is also a doctor in Southern California who is saving hundreds of terminally ill patients with similar symptoms by administering Leronimab, a late-stage monoclonal antibody so far known to have no negative side effects.

One of Bill’s medical advisers had previously tried to get him an unapproved, trial version of a monoclonal antibody directly from the manufacturer but were rejected. Later, the request was reconsidered but Bill was hospitalized by then. The political prohibition against any alternative treatment to vaccines by the Biden administration and the CDC formed the backdrop to the initial rejection of Leronimab.

On February 11, I immediately wrote a Right to Try (RtT) letter to the hospital to administer Leronimab to a terminal patient.  In 2018, former Pres. Trump had passed Right to Try legislation (RtoT) to aid terminal patients to get promising but unapproved drugs.  What monoclonal antibodies do is bind to blood clots and are an “ideal antifirbrin antibody” (82% efficacy) to allow the lung to resume expanding and flexing. The hospital got the RtoT letter in the morning and were given 8 hours to approve by 4 pm. If there was no hospital approval, an Ex Parte (single party) action would be filed in court the next morning to obtain court approval for its administration under the RtoT Act. In other words, the hospital would be forced by a judge to administer it, but Bill died coincidentally at the deadline given to the hospital. He died of a cardiac arrest after being unsuccessfully paddled by defibrillators three times.

Back on January 8 Bill attended his church in Newport Beach and they noted that his signature on a check he wrote was nearly illegible.  Was this a sign of an ischemic heart attack (mini-stroke) at that time?  Also, those close to him noticed he started to have hand tremors.

I may be wrong, but I believe pulmonary embolism caused Bill’s death. Pulmonary embolism is caused by a blocked artery in the lungs. The most common cause of such a blockage is a clot that forms in the legs and travels to the lungs. Bill had previously suffered an arterial blockage in his heart in 2018 with stents placed. Death by heart attack or stroke runs on the male side of our family history. Pulmonary embolism is a most serious condition that is often misdiagnosed as pneumonia.  It is a heart attack to the lung.  Bill had massive blood clotting with an “unheard of” d-dimer test level of 22,000 (normal is 220 to 500).

What are the implications of Bill’s likely disease and treatment?

  1. Bill did not have coronavirus, as he did not generate antibodies against a harmful virus or pathogen proven by his many negative PCR tests.
  2. Thus, taking an anti-virus shot or RNA injection to trigger immune response would not have helped or addressed the arterial blockage in the lung and massive clotting.
  3. If Bill was administered Remdesivir, a drug with a two-fold risk of adverse cardiac events compared to hydroxychloroquine (HDC), that could have provoked a cardiovascular attack.
  4. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine would have had no known positive effectiveness against pulmonary embolism, but Ivermectin is efficacious against what is described as coronavirus, whatever that is.
  5. Timely administration of Leronimab monoclonal antibody could have saved Bill’s life but that also is not a 100 percent certainty (82% effective).
  6. The Biden Administration’s and CDC’s efforts to block any medical, pharmaceutical or nutriceutical “work around” vaccines denied Bill timely access to monoclonal antibody treatment that might have saved him.
  7. The accusation that the hospital socked Bill with ventilation against his verbal directive may not be accurate if by the second day it was recognized he had pulmonary embolism, not coronavirus. PE must be treated in a hospital since it can cause death. This might explain why Bill was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Annals of Intensive Care states: “It is very unusual to have patients with PE under mechanical ventilation” unless it is after cardiac arrest or refractory shock (cardiogenic shock). Bill probably walked into the hospital after a heart attack he had a month or more before.
  8. Leronimab can only be administered in a hospital where there are medicines to counter any adverse reactions. Moving Bill would likely have precluded him from Leronimab.
  9. Bill was likely not put on the Fauci protocol of Remdesivir if the hospital diagnosed pulmonary embolism not coronavirus after the first day. Thus, this would not fit the “medical kidnapping’ scenario of refusing a patient to check out of hospital “Against Medical Advice” (AMA) if I am correct about the above.
  10. Bill was right. Coronavirus is a big fraud. It has never been proven. Cemetery administrators I have contacted tell me that the reason 9 out of 10 people who have died are not from coronavirus.
  11. There are so-called “viruses”, however. They are not contagious germs but signals of the need to flush out toxins or poisons from the human body (Thomas Cowan, MD, The Truth About Contagion and Amanda Vollmer).
  12. Bill was a proponent of the notion that “shortness of breath is not caused by infection but by a loss of autonomic nervous system control” due to lack of vitamin B-1 and extended this to myocardial infarction and clotting. However, Thomas Cowan, MD, also believes that the autonomic nerve system disorder causes heart attacks but by lactic acidosis that can be corrected by taking Strophanthus that converts acid from a poison to a nutrient.
  13. Bill apparently did not recognize he had an arterial blockage in his lungs and did not seek treatment by his cardiologist. Everyone was caught under the spell of what has been called “virus mania”.

The above is a preliminary opinion subject to change when there is better information and the availability of medical records for review.

A memorial for Bill will be held at the Robert Schuller’s Ministries church in Newport Beach on March 20. [I am attending and have been asked to speak–Martie]

Nothing in this article should be misconstrued as medical advice.