Back In the USSR

It was probably fun while it lasted. A brief thirty year flirtation with western decadence and shameless mass consumerism in post-soviet Russia is quickly coming to an end. It took two decades to get the engines going but now it’s time to shut them down again. The remnants will stick around for a generation or so, but the speed with which fashion and trends enter and exit the popular culture will ensure Russia crystallizes this moment in time in a similar way to the nations trapped behind the iron curtain in the middle of last century. It won’t be quite the same however because this time things are different.

This time it’s the west that’s degrading toward the worst elements of the USSR faster than Russia. Every horrible thing they tell us about Putin and Russia exists in the west and ten-fold in some cases. Political prisoners held without trial. Censorship. Pravda media. Kangaroo committees. Secret police for internal coups. Shutting down protests of one political nature while allowing others. Unequal protection under the law. Oligarchies posing as democracies. Fascism posing as liberalism. Things are certainly trending backward toward tyranny to say nothing of coerced bioweapons injections and democidal agendas. How about surrounding Russia with secret bio labs for twenty years and doing experiments on Ukrainian soldiers?1

We haven’t even arrived at the endless bloody wars for greed and profit that saw no cries or pleas of mercy, no Iraqi, Afghan, Yemeni, Libyan or Syrian flag emojis or disgraceful America-phobia of the likes we’re presently witnessing against Russia. The depleted uranium used by American forces in Falluja alone sent the cancer rates sky rocketing among locals there. Did you see any western monuments light up with the colors of the Iraqi flag for them? We did see western governments nod in approval as Colin Powell spoke of fictitious weapons of mass destruction at the United Nations. Selective outrage is a funny thing, reserved for certain peoples, with certain agendas, all of whom should certainly never be trusted again.

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