Whose Advice on How to Treat Covid Is Better? Mine or the CDC's?

Allison Neitzel MD accused me on Instagram of killing people. So I challenged her to give me the name of a single person who followed my advice and died from COVID. She blocked me instead.

There are some people, such as Allison Neitzel MD (Twitter and Instagram), who claim that I am spreading misinformation.

After she messaged me over 5 dozen times on Instagram (watch this 2 minute Rumble video for proof of that), I tried to call her via Instagram in order to respond to all her messages. She refused the call and posted this on Twitter.

Neitzel believes I am an evil person responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, but as you can see, she doesn’t want to chat about it.

So I messaged her on Instagram to give me the name of a single person who followed my advice (which I’ve conveniently summarized in my new “Fact-based COVID-19 hub” Substack article) and ended up dead. Just one name will do, but I said if she sent me a list of names of people I’ve killed, I would let all my followers know.

Instead of sending me a name, she blocked me.

Here is a screenshot of the conversation:

Following the CDC’s advice isn’t the best option available

There are over 75M people who got COVID and followed the CDC’s advice and over 900,000 of them ended up dead. This means that following the CDC’s advice has a case fatality rate of 1.2%. But there are also over 200M people who followed the CDC’s advice to get vaccinated and the best estimate is that around 400,000 of those people died as well.

Bottom line: following the CDC’s advice on the vaccine and treating COVID has killed over 1.3M people.

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