School Officials In Virginia Threaten To SUSPEND Students Who Don’t Wear Masks

Despite there being no legal mask mandate in the state

Despite there being no law mandating masks in the state of Virginia, school officials on the Loudoun County Public School board have vowed to suspend any kids who refuse to strap a mask to their faces while learning.

There is no law in Virginia, indeed, Governor Younkin issued an executive order prohibiting schools from imposing mask mandates.

However, some schools are refusing to overturn the mandates, after the masks became optional on January 24th.

The Loudoun County Public School system sent out a notice to parents stating that “Beginning on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, students who willfully continue to refuse to follow COVID mitigation measures as required by Loudoun County Public Schools will be suspended from school in relation to Violation of School Board Policy 8210, Introduction to Student Discipline, Section F.2. Willful or continued disobedience of school rules and regulation of school personnel; 3. Defiance of the authority of any teacher, principal or other person having authority on the school board.”

The letter to parents also noted that “A student who is suspended because of non-compliance with COVID-mitigation measures may return to school only when they agree to follow COVID-mitigation measures throughout the entire school day and at all indoor school-related events.”

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