Hacker Who Took Down GiveSendGo Triumphantly Doxxes Self

Aubrey Cottle, aka Kirtaner is seen here during a livestream, doxxing himself as the hacker who took down the Freedom Convoy’s GiveSendGo account.

A self-described “famous cyber terrorist”, Cottle loves to brag about working for the FBI, RCMP, Interpol and the “alphabet agencies” and about how he hacked Parler, Gab and Infowars’ hosting service, Epik.

Indeed, some claim that Cottle was hired by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) specifically to hack GiveSendGo and to leak this data.

Cottle also claims (some say falsely) to have been one of the original members of the Anonymous hacktivist group that infamously hacked AT&T and who are reportedly still selling the data of 70 million customers a decade later.

Cottle’s equally hate-soaked and vituperative pal, Dean Blundell published the GiveSendGo donor list, which the Canadian government is now using to dox all those who donated $25 or more and to freeze their bank accounts and crypto wallets, with some people reportedly being fired from their jobs over their support for the Freedom Convoy.

An unintended consequence of the leaked donor list and the media’s doxxing those who supported Canada’s Freedom Convoy is that it’s revealed how much broad support the protest movement has among ordinary, hardworking Canadian citizens and even among members of the Canadian government.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.