Earn $2,500 If You Can Explain Any of These Medical Mysteries

Here's your chance to solve a mystery and win $2,500. Only the first solver wins. I am the sole judge of whether you have "proved" it, but my readers will be watching to keep me honest.

Feb 13, 2022 Update: One of our statisticians is examining the DMED database. He believes there are errors in the data that Renz pulled, but he thinks there will still be significant signals that remain and the DoD explanations aren’t on the level. If all goes well, I will know more by tomorrow night.

I concur with those who wrote in the comments that the Renz data does not look plausible, e.g., there can’t possibly be a 5X increase in Type I diabetes, for example. The VAERS data shows Type I is elevated vs. baseline # of reports by 8X, but this is on a differential basis, not an absolute basis.

So we need to wait on the DMED data for a little while longer.

Here are three medical mysteries that if you are the first to solve them with clear and convincing evidence, I will reward you with $2,500.

  1. The DoD medical database (DMED) showed significantly elevated rates for a large number of symptoms after the vaccines rolled out. However, once this was brought to the DoD’s attention, they discovered that a data corruption caused numbers from 2016-2020 to be significantly under-reported as mentioned in my Substack article. The mystery is “why did the data corruption only appear to affect symptoms that are elevated by the COVID vaccines?” Also, the correct numbers would indicate that the military has been extremely unhealthy for five years prior to 2021. How could that not have been discovered?
  2. OneAmerica, a $100 billion life insurance company reported a 40% increase in deaths in people under 65 in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. If it wasn’t the COVID vaccines that were the largest cause of this increase, then what was? Note: The COVID virus has already been ruled out as the cause.
  3. Embalmer Richard Hirschman started seeing very odd blood clots in May of 2021 that he nor any of his colleagues in the embalming business had ever seen before. In January 2022, 65% of his cases had this “feature.” Another embalmer reported seeing it in 93% of her cases. If it wasn’t the COVID vaccines that caused these clots, then what did? Note: It was not COVID or 5G that caused this. The clots we are talking about didn’t appear prior to the vaccines being rolled out.

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