Prediction for Canada

Here’s what I think is going to happen next in Canada.

  1. The provinces are going to continue to lift their vaccine mandates, but it has nothing to do with their being convinced of the scientific merits of doing so. Rather, it’s because other countries around the world who will be demanding vaccine passports from visitors will want those passports to be issued by a national, not a provincial government. This is why Ontario, for instance, has postponed the lifting of its vax passport until mid-March, rather than doing it immediately. Ontario is waiting for the new federal vax passport to dovetail with its own, before it goes ahead and lifts it.
  2. The federal government will implement a universal vaccine mandate for everyone in the country, probably around the middle of March when Ontario’s is set to expire.
  3. There will be questions asked about whether this is correct within the division of powers sections of Canada’s constitution (section 91 and 92). Trudeau and his cabinet will purport to resolve the issue by sending this reference question to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC).
  4. On a reference, the federal government gets to frame the issues and provide all the evidence. The only issue that will be addressed is the division of powers issue. The feds will completely sidestep the question the legitimacy of vaccine passports. They won’t raise the question of Section 6 of the Charter (mobility rights), Section 7 (life, liberty and security of the person) or any other sections.
  5. On a reference like this, every province has the absolute right to intervene. Nobody else has any right to intervene, but even if they did, they wouldn’t be entitled to submit any evidence or expand the issues.
  6. The provinces have probably already agreed that they will support a federal vax mandate. That takes each provincial premier off the hook with his own voters. The provinces will all send lawyers to the SCC reference and agree that the federal government has the right to impose this nationwide mandate.
  7. The judges of the SCC, hearing no opposition, and being all fully vaccinated themselves, will approve the federal plan. The issue of Charter violations will not be dealt with in this reference.
  8. The federal government will go ahead and implement its nationwide vaccine mandate, stating boldly that “It has been approved by the Supreme Court of Canada.”
  9. The Freedom Convoy has been duped into advocating a SCC reference. I wrote about it in Western Standard here, and produced a Bitchute video about it here, as to why this would be a very bad idea. But my advice isn’t wanted. So the federal government will be able to say, “Look, even the freedom convoy wanted a reference to the SCC.” They won’t bother to separate the issues.
  10. Canada is cooked.

I just hope I’m not giving them any ideas they haven’t already thought of. But I’m pretty sure they have already got this planned. That would explain the timing of why the provinces aren’t removing their vax mandates immediately. It would also explain why the federal government hasn’t already initiated a reference to the SCC when it’s already facing numerous Charter challenges, and many misguided people suggesting that it ask for a reference.

I won’t get much satisfaction later from being able to say, “See, I told you so,” but this is how I think the future will unfold for us.