Why Whoever Still Wears a Facial Mask Is a Complete Idiot

A year ago I wrote an article explaining why wearing a mask was stupid. Today, as we enter the third year of the “15 days to flatten the curve”, I will explain why those who continue to wear a facial mask are no longer just stupid and can now be considered complete idiots.

First of all, “stupid” and “idiot” are not empty swear words, but adjectives with definite meanings that fit in countless situations, and masking is one of them.

As I said earlier, stupidity is something that accompanies humanity; everyone is stupid in many subjects, even the greatest geniuses in history were stupid in areas of knowledge that they did not master, or in their personal lives, etc. We can briefly say that stupidity is the sum of two factors; ignorance + innocence, which resulted in the stupidity of wearing a facial mask:

Ignorance; no one was obligated to know how a facial mask would work to prevent the transmission of a virus. Knowledge about PPE, virology, epidemiology, etc. was limited to a small group of professionals. The vast majority also ignored the real risk of the new coronavirus.

Innocence; in the face of this ignorance, most were extremely innocent to the point of trusting two of the greatest liars in history to provide them with the knowledge they lacked: governments (and supranational bureaucratic bodies) and the mainstream media. It was at this point that stupidity manifested itself in the widespread use of facial masks.

Given that masks are useless to prevent the transmission of a virus, wearing a facial mask because “authorities” or “media experts” told them to do so is tantamount to the stupidity of falling for the trick illustrated in a popular Brazilian folk tale. The tale of a redneck who visits the city of São Paulo and buys the Viaduto do Chá from a scoundrel cheater. The redneck is ignorant because he doesn’t know that the viaduct is public property that cannot be bought, and he is naive because he believes in a hack. So he is the stupid one in the tale.

What usually happens to those who fall into a scam is to learn: the person never falls into the same or similar scam. Now imagine if the redneck, after discovering that he fell for a scam and didn’t become the owner of Viaduto do Chá after giving his money to the crook, traveled to Rio de Janeiro and bought Christ the Redeemer from another crook. And after discovering that it was also a coup, he would travel to New York and buy the Statue of Liberty, and so on… for 2 years. I think everyone would agree that this hick is not just stupid, but a complete idiot.

The same reasoning applies to facial masks. If, after so long, someone doesn’t realize they’ve been tricked and continues to wear a mask, it’s no longer stupid and becomes a total idiocy. Not that after 2 years “science has changed”, as the CNN doctor falsely claimed, and only now is it known that facial masks are useless. More honest was the editor of the USA Today newspaper, who ran the headline “I am done with masks. We’ve been idiotic about them since the beginning.” It has always been known that facial masks are useless to contain viruses that are transmitted through the air – as the CNN doctor herself had already admitted. This information was even on the label of the facial masks. Surgeons wear surgical masks, in the OR during an operation, to prevent their saliva — which always contains bacteria, even if a surgeon is asymptomatic — from getting into a patient’s open wound. NOT to stop viral aerosols, which pass through masks, and are the main mode of viral transmission. So, since the first day of the pandemic, everyone who wore a facial mask on the street, on the bus, in the supermarket, in the elevator, in the office, at the gym, etc. was stupid. (And yes, Japanese people can be pretty stupid too).

With stupidity sweeping the world we had another way of evaluating the alleged effectiveness of facial masks with the whole world being turned into a laboratory, and we saw that the places where people were tricked into being stupid and wearing masks showed no difference in the number of cases of places where no one wore a mask. In other words, it was no longer necessary to know the science behind the facial masks to know if they would work or not. It became unnecessary, for example, to read long articles based on numerous scientific studies that scientifically explained why facial masks did not serve the alleged purpose. (See here, here, here, here and here) We could see, in the real world, that it doesn’t work. Furthermore, this data has been available since 2020, and with a minimal research effort it was possible to have access to this knowledge and stop being a masked idiot. But we know that a minimum effort is beyond the capacity of the masses.

For example, it is imagined that the Scottish people have a better cultural level than the Brazilians; Scots being better informed and studied. The Scottish government has imposed all draconian Covid measures – lockdowns, mask, vaccine passports etc. – while the government of Sweden has imposed virtually none. In this documentary, an English couple travels through Scotland and asks the Scots what they think of the measures imposed on them. The general response is approval. The Scots, muttering behind their muzzles, answer that the government did well and got the pandemic under control. When asked what they thought of Sweden’s approach, which has never imposed a lockdown, never closed schools, never worn a mask and fared far better than Scotland in deaths per inhabitant, they didn’t even know it. Sweden is a neighbor of Scotland, separated by the North Sea. If the average Scotsman doesn’t know what’s going on in Sweden, how can you expect the average Brazilian to know?

Thus, with countries, states and entire regions that have never worn a mask, like Sweden, or that have used it for a few months and long since stopped, like Florida, out of reach of the masses – albeit just a click away – , the stupidity continued. And with the continued use of facial masks, evidence of their ineffectiveness in practice came out of “distant” countries and regions and came before our eyes. At the end of last year, Brazil had a huge outbreak of influenza, one of those in which “everyone got it”. And earlier this year there was a record explosion in the number of Covid cases. All this with the entire country wearing facial masks. That is, everyone could see, literally under their noses, that facial masks are completely useless to contain the transmission of ILI (influenza-like illness).

Facemasks are not a mere “inconvenience”, there are 376 ways that face masks are known to harm the wearer and are a symbol of slavery that shows who commands and who obeys. And you see, even if it wasn’t totally evident as it is that face masks don’t work, or even if the situation were the opposite and we had all the evidence and comparisons from practical life confirming that masks work, I still wouldn’t use it and I would find somewhat paranoid a person – who, like me, is neither elderly nor obese nor has comorbidities – giving up their face and obstructing their breathing to prevent themselves from a disease with a survival rate of over 99% (or in the case of current Omicron variant, to protect yourself from the dangerous risk of staying 3 days in bed with a type of cold). The use of a facial mask is part of an insane and illogical narrative, whose objective is to make people obey the greatest possible follies to ensure the greatest possible power over them, as Kit Knightly explains:

You can never control people with the truth, because the truth has an existence outside yourself that cannot be altered or directed. It may be the truth itself that controls people, not you.

You can never force people to obey rules that make sense, because they may be obeying reason, not your force.

True power lies in making people afraid of something that does not exist, and making them abandon reason in the name of protecting themselves from the invented threat.

To guarantee you have control, you must make people see things that are not there, make people live in a reality you build around them, and force people to follow arbitrary, contradictory rules that change day by day.

To truly test their loyalty, their hypnosis, you could even tell them there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore, but they need to follow the rules anyway.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe the story isn’t supposed to be believable. Maybe the rules aren’t meant to make sense, they are meant to be obeyed.

Maybe the more contradictory & illogical the regulations become, the more your compliance is valued.

Maybe if you can force a person to abandon their judgment in favour of your own, you have total control over their reality.

We have verified that this total control has been achieved when we see complete idiots wearing facemasks to this day. Menticide, murder of the mind, was successfully carried out. Have you ever seen anything stupider than wearing a facial mask in restaurants? Again, using the absurd hypothesis that facemasks stop viruses, even if they worked to contain transmission, it would be totally useless to use the mask to walk from the restaurant door to the table and then take it off. Nevertheless, complete idiots obey this complete stupidity. And the same thing for facemask on planes. Even if the mask prevents aerosol viruses, it would be useless as everyone takes off their masks at mealtime on board. However, facial masks on planes have been imposed on everyone and we have hallucinated people talking about making them permanent.

How To End Something That Should Never Have Begun?

Above we saw two possible ways to end the mask idiocy. Making up a false excuse like the CNN doctor did or someone admitting was made a fool of like the USA Today editor did. This last path few will undergo, because as they say, “it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled”. However, the first path is not so simple either. For example, if we lived in a minimally rational environment, it would be interesting to observe how schools would justify the end of the requirement for a facemask, since Covid is more harmless for children and adolescents than the common flu of every year, in which case the use of a facial mask should be permanent. It would be equally interesting to see how parents would rationalize to stop forcing their children to wear facemasks all the time. But we don’t live in that environment. If (and this is a huge “if”) children stop wearing a mask, they will simply be told that they don’t need it anymore, period; after all, this is just one of many absurd orders that people follow without question. Because if we lived in this minimally rational environment, we would never have even seen an adult wearing a facial mask, since they are useless to contain a virus that threatens them minimally, let alone a child and teenager who are not even minimally threatened by such a virus.

A person doesn’t have to make up a lie to try to convince their trained dog to stop wearing a muzzle. There is no conversation with brute animals. He doesn’t need to try to convince a dog of anything. He simply orders and the dog obeys.

I Only Use It Because I Have To

Finally, a common response our mask articles get is “I agree, I know facemasks are useless; I only wear them because I have to.” But do you really have to? “My job obliges.” Do they? How many warnings have you get for going down or not wearing a mask? Are you on the last notice before you’re fired? Or were you never noticed because you never even took your nose out of the muzzle? “I use it so I can get in stores.” Have you ever been barred from any or never even tried to enter without wearing your facemask? While many places won’t let anyone step inside without a facial mask, sometimes with security guards at the door, you might be surprised at how many places ignore that you’re not wearing a mask. “It’s the law”. Have you ever been fined or know someone who has been fined for not wearing a muzzle? This varies from place to place, but I can say with certainty that here in my city, São Paulo, not only do I not know anyone who has been fined, but I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has been fined. Wearing a facemask on the street for fear of a fine is, at least around here, something more stupid than using it to protect yourself from viruses floating in the wind.

Of course, the tyranny of the masks is a real oppression, and I’m not telling anyone to pick fights and arguments around or even harm themselves financially or professionally in the fight against the prevailing despotism, but pushing your limits is a must. Try it. If even those who know that wearing a facemask is something completely stupid wear them without resistance, we can be sure that the stupidity will never end. Remember, a law “that doesn’t catch” is impossible to enforce.

And if, in addition to the individual attitude of testing the limits, an organized collective rebellion is possible, go for it. In the US, a wave of students protesting the total imbecility of masks in schools is sweeping the country. In fact, it is sweeping the half of the country that still forces children and teenagers to spend the day with a muzzle, as more than half of the American states do not practice child abuse and students do not wear a facemask.

These are just a few videos of that wave. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the sheep are still well behaved, carrying out absurd orders without the slightest nexus. Parents of Brazilian students must be proud to have children who are totally submissive, because the recipe for “getting along in life” is to obey, without questioning. In fact, this shows that state-controlled education, whether public or private, is more efficient in Brazil than in the US, since its objective is to form obedient citizens. And obedience, whether of children or adults, is the purpose of all this: it was never about health. Obey, even if it’s an order that everyone has seen that makes no sense and it turns you into a complete idiot.

Post Scriptum: A Question To The Reader

Do you think that if authorities determined that to attend a gym it would be mandatory to be dressed as a clown, society would accept it? They could say that “studies indicate” that the clown nose and the clothes and wig create static that drives the virus away from the airways, that the clown paint creates a protective layer on the skin that prevents viruses and that the long shoes of clown help with social distancing. Or if officials said that “there are strong indications” that the virus floats above 1 meter in the air and that therefore everyone should walk on all fours, people would walk on all fours? No? Is this an exaggeration? Think again. After all, there is more scientific and practical evidence that facemasks don’t work than there is for these two other non-pharmaceutical interventions. To answer my own question, I have no doubt that it would be accepted.

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