White House Incompetents Plotting Russia War!

Dear Friends:

The Biden Administration geniuses who botched the US departure from Afghanistan, who assured us there was no way the Taliban would take over, and that no American would be left behind, are the very same people assuring us that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is “imminent.” Then it’s notNow it is again! As soon as Tuesday!

It’s clear that we are not dealing with competent people. No wonder Biden’s approval ratings are at historic lows – below 40 percent! Ironically – and dangerously – that gives a great deal of leverage to the incompetent Obama-holdover hawks like Blinken, Nuland, and Sullivan, who are no doubt whispering in the president’s ear what wonders a delightful little war might bring.

According to some reports, the White House has shared “secret” intelligence with previously hesitant allies, and today Japan, Netherlands, and South Korea have joined the US in frantically demanding their citizens leave Ukraine immediately because, as Biden himself said – along with his incompetent National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan –  the invasion is imminent (again) and, “things could go crazy quickly.”

The leaking of “secret intelligence” is the best way to get the lapdog mainstream media to stand up and beg for more. It is also reminiscent of all the bogus “intelligence” that lied us into the catastrophic Iraq war, where we flushed trillions down the toilet in the pursuit of killing a million innocent people. All lies. God have mercy.

It was only a week or so ago that the State Department spokesman was ruthlessly hammered by AP’s Matt Lee over the fact-free claims that Putin was about to make a film faking a Ukrainian attack on Donbas to justify Russia’s own invasion of Ukraine. Lee did what journalists used to do: he asked for proof. The State Department flack – surprise surprise a former CIA officer – found himself pumping mud under what should have been normal scrutiny from the so-called fourth estate.

Here’s how it’s going down, folks, if it does go down. And I mentioned this in an interview tonight:

The US has turned its propaganda amplifiers up to 11 hyping the threat that Russia would somehow want to take Kiev in the next day or two. It has been able to establish this panic with the assistance of the Pravda-esque US mainstream media,

Next step – already happening – is that the US is pulling its OSCE monitors from Donbas in eastern Ukraine due to the MSM/Biden hyped “imminent” threat. US allies may well follow and pull their OSCE monitors from Donbas, leaving no one to actually tell us who started shelling first.

How convenient.

And this while the OSCE monitors in Donbass have recorded a 400% increase in Kiev shelling the area today over the previous seven day average. Goaded by sugar daddy US, an otherwise seemingly-reluctant Zelensky – a comedian who fell into the role of Ukraine president – is the wild card.

There is no doubt that US pressure is on him like a pack of Texas fire ants. He has been desperately walking back unhinged (and objectively false) US assertions over the past several weeks that a Russian invasion was just a day away, but how long can he continue to poke his benefactor in the eye before he recalls what happens to former US allies?

Surely at 3AM Zelensky is visited by the ghosts of Gaddafi, Saddam, Noriega, and endless former US clients who “went rogue” and found themselves on the wrong end of US “democracy promotion.” The price of crossing your US overlords is anal rape and death.

As RPI Academic Advisor John Laughland famously wrote in 2005, “it is better to be an enemy of the Americans than their friend. If you are their enemy, they might try to buy you; but if you are their friend they will definitely sell you.”

Take note, Zelensky!

I’ve been writing for the better part of two decades on the corruption of the OSCE and its infiltration by western intelligence services. So while they are not for the most part reliable in the first place, the removal of all monitors under the false assertion that an invasion is imminent will remove any honest monitor who might lurk.

With no one from “the West” to monitor who fires first, all those wonderful weapons of war provided to Ukraine by the US and UK can be unleashed against the citizens of eastern Ukraine and no one will be there (except those unreliable Russians and their allies) to report that the attack came from Kiev rather than from Moscow.

This is how World War III starts. It’s all laid out before us. An incompetent yet hubristic Biden Administration believes that it can bring Ukraine into NATO and then use Article 5 to regain Crimea from Russia.

It’s like totally insane former US Ambassador Michael McFaul is recalled into a senior policymaking position after three years of sniffing glue!

Dear friends: This is no longer DC think tank speculation. Russia has a legitimate reason to oppose NATO on its doorstep. And that is not an endorsement of the concept of “regions of influence,” which is dumb. It is simply the Russians understanding that the next regime change will be theirs. There is nothing in such a stupid policy for the rest of us Americans. Who cares who runs Russia? Who cares who runs Ukraine?

Here is the forbidden but true conclusion: it is not “pro-Russia” but in fact pro-America to oppose nuclear war over insignificant Ukraine. Let Europe deal with its own border problems and how about we deal with our own as well?

BTW: how do you like that 1970s-era stagflation? Pre-order your bell-bottoms and disco records! It’s coming. We used to rule the world