Who is Afraid of Novak Djokovic?

Having flown halfway across the globe to defend his Australian Open title, the tennis legend Novak Djokovic was informed at the Melbourne airport that his visa to enter the country had been cancelled. Even though the reason given was improper paperwork, the real issue was his vaccination or lack thereof.

Prior to coming to Australia, Djokovic received a medical exemption from the onerous vaccine requirement required by the increasingly tyrannical Australian government.

Djokovic’s exemption duly granted by medical authorities based on his having overcome a corona infection recently, which would normally allow a person to travel to Australia without vax.

But even though he met the legal requirements, there are forces within the Australian government bent on not allowing Djokovic to play. And they are looking hard for a reason to send him back. According to reports, on his arrival Djokovic was told that his documents were not filed properly, and he was asked to leave the country. When he refused, he was subjected to hours of interrogation through the night after which he was hauled to a detention facility.

On Monday a judge ruled that the treatment Djokovic received at the hands of Australia’s immigration authorities was improper and ordered that the tennis star be immediately released from his detention and allowed to go freely about his business. Djokovic, however, may not be out of jeopardy just quite yet, as government lawyers have indicated that they may pursue other avenues of keeping Djokovic from defending his title.

Although the government’s treatment of Djokovic is reprehensible, their apprehension at the prospect of him stepping on the center court is only understandable.

Having Djokovic participate in the Australian Open would expose the falseness of the government’s Covid narrative, which, sadly, has become the official narrative of most governments around the world. According to this narrative, we are in the throes of a deadly pandemic which necessitates draconian curtailment of human freedoms and liberties. The only way out of our predicament, they say, is through mass vaccination whereby every man, woman and child receive multiple doses of experimental and inadequately tested pharmaceuticals which carry a considerable risk of serious side effects.

These vaccines, by the way, do nothing to inhibit or curtail the spread of infection. In fact, there is increasing evidence that they have negative efficacy in this regard, which means that the vaccinated are more likely to contract the virus and pass it onto others – especially the Omicron variant – than their unvaccinated counterparts.

Facts notwithstanding, according to the authorized Covid narrative, an unvaccinated person presents a potentially mortal a danger to themselves and to society.

Should Djokovic be allowed to play, the whole of Australia – as well as the whole world, in fact  – would watch an unvaccinated individual happily thriving and excelling, and quite possibly triumphing, without particularly endangering himself or anyone else.

This would expose Australian Covidism for the lie that it is.

This is the true reason why they want to keep vaccine skeptic Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one player, so desperately out of the Australian Open, a tournament he has won more times than any other player in history.

Shame on them and let’s hope Novak gets to do that which he should be entitled to as a matter of course: to decide what to put into his body, to play superb tennis and give joy to millions of sport fans around the globe.

Novak Djokovic is one of the greatest athletes of all time. With a career filled with spectacular triumphs, may he also triumph over the madness of Covidism.

Go, Novak!