Stephen Breyer is Corrupt

It was reported yesterday that during oral arguments before the supreme court Justice Stephen Breyer said that it is inconceivable that blocking Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employers is “in the public interest.”

First of all, there is no such thing as “the public interest.”  There are some 330 million people in the U.S. and we all have our interests.  This is especially true regarding the “vaccine” mandate since everyone knows that there are millions of members of the public who oppose it.  That’s why the issue is before the court.

Breyer knows this.  He knows there are tradeoffs here, but speaks as though there are not, and that allowing the mandate will benefit every single American — the “public.”  Such talk is the language of Rousseau, the intellectual godfather of communism, who claimed that there exists some mysterious “general will” that only a select few understand, and because of that understanding they are somehow empowered to use whatever force, coercion, and violence that they can muster to impose that “general will” on all of society.

Alexander Hamilton used dozens of synonyms for “the general will” to argue for myriad government interventions during his day, as I document in my book, Hamilton’s Curse.  There is even a scholarly article about Hamilton entitled “Alexander Hamilton:  Rousseau of the Right,” by Cecelia Kenyon, Political Science Quarterly, vol. 73, 1958.  Lawyers like Breyer are the legal/political descendants of Hamilton, the darling of the New York City/Broadway commie Left (and of the statist Pat Buchananite Right).

Breyer understands the economic concept of tradeoffs.  Before he was on the court he authored a textbook entitled Regulation and its Reform (1984) that was and is widely used in law schools.  It explained among other things the thinking behind the deregulation of trucking, airlines, and oil during the late 1970s/early ’80s.  That is why he is corrupt:  He fully understands that “public interest” language — the language that “justified” all of this crony capitalist regulation in the first place — is nonsense and the language of tyrants, but spouts it anyway in a most sanctimonious way.  The pharmaceutical companies own Joe Biden and the Democrat party (the main legacy of Bill Cliniton), so people like Breyer must prostitute themselves in increasingly shameful and fraudulent ways.  (Not that they don’t also own most of the Republican party as well).