The Vaccine Is a Dud

As time goes on, we are learning more and more about Covid 19 and the Covid 19 vaccines.  To date, the most important and surprising information about the vaccines is that they do not prevent the vaccinated from contracting or transmitting the virus.  The irony is that the CDC, a government agency, readily admits this[i] but other sectors of the government are carrying on as if this vitally important new information did not exist at all.

Take for example Biden’s OSHA which, before it was temporarily halted by a Circuit Court ruling, ordered the unvaccinated but not the vaccinated employees of private companies to undergo inconvenient weekly Covid tests even though other parts of the government were admitting that the vaccinated transmit the virus as readily as the unvaccinated.  The whole moral justification of forcing people to take the vaccine is to protect others even if the “hesitant” don’t want to risk taking the jab due to the escalating problem of vaccine-related deaths and serious injuries.[ii] But we now know that the vaccine is a dud.  While it can reduce symptoms of Covid, it cannot prevent the vaccinated from catching and transmitting Covid.  And yet the government is acting as if none of these matters and is continuing to push harsh mandates upon those who do not want to play vaccine roulette and take the risk of a vaccine injury.

Again as time goes on, it is becoming increasingly evident that the reason why the  Biden administration is demonstrably not “following the science[iii] is that the irrational and probably unconstitutional vaccine mandates are not about public health at all but more likely about the implementation of a universal digital identification program that governments are labeling “vaccine passports.”

To understand why the government seems determined to tag every citizen of every age with a digital ID, it is first necessary to understand the attitudinal evolution of political elites in Western countries.  These elites appear to be losing their faith in the classical liberal emphasis on individual human freedom that was intellectually nurtured in the West by such thinkers as Kant, Voltaire, Locke, Bastiat, Mill, and Spencer and attained its clearest concrete political expression in the American Constitutional Republic.  The essence of this revolution in political thought and practice is that it gave common people protection against the potential abuse of power of their ruling elites.  Such protections included political theory that rooted individual rights in natural law and Divine Will as well as practical institutions such as the division of power between the states and central government, the further division of those powers between the legislature, executive, and judiciary, the rule of law, courts of law, the Bill of Rights, privacy rights, property rights, elections and so forth.

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