It's Time to End the Mandates

Both sides have a compelling rationale to end the mandates and the State of Emergency. It's time to trust the judgment of the American people.

Boris Johnson recently declared an end to the COVID restrictions in the UK. He said, “We will trust the judgment of the English people.”

Why can’t we do that in the US? Isn’t it time to trust the judgment of the American people?

Whether you ask a red or blue pill person, it’s clear that both sides have compelling rationales to end the mandates and the State of Emergency.

Interestingly, the rationale for each side is completely different, but the conclusion is the same. Here’s how they stack up.

Blue pill rationale

  1. We don’t need mandates for the vaccine or masks because we know they work. No need to sell us! Mandate or not, we will comply.
  2. We no longer fear those who are not compliant: we are all boosted up the wazoo using safe and effective vaccines with virtually no side effects AND we are wearing N95 or P100 masks at all times. And we always stay 6 feet from any other person. So there is basically no way to infect us.
  3. We have nothing to fear. Virtually none of us will be hospitalized, and none of us risk death. And the prevalence of Omicron makes our risk even lower.
  4. We think people who are not compliant are evil and deserve to die. Why force them to take life-saving medical interventions? We are better off as a society if these people are gone. Permanently.
  5. We trust our doctors to deliver quality medical advice. Our doctors always follow the CDC guidance which has been uniformly excellent. We all should be treated the same, no matter what our medical histories are. If the doctors follow the CDC guidelines, almost nobody dies. All the hospitals are filled with unvaccinated people.
  6. Just to be safe, we test ourselves every day using antigen tests for COVID. If we have a positive test result, we now have two new safe and effective drugs from the most trusted drug companies in the world so that in the rare chance that we get COVID, we can treat it with nearly 100% success.

Note: Many blue pill people still are unsafe after being triply vaxed and doubly masked. This is why it’s critically important to let them know about the P-100 respirator. This face covering gives them 150X protection over what they had before so that they have nothing at all to fear from anyone. Problem solved. Nobody can put them at risk. The burden is thus placed on those people who don’t believe in science.

However, they can still believe they are at risk. Anyone who feels at risk can simply quarantine at home and have no human contact. That would be safest for them.

We cannot build new quarantine facilities for those who fear being infected because even remote Antarctica stations where everyone is tested still develop COVID.

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