If Strangers Can Tell That You're Trans, Then by Definition You're Not Trans


Tim Dillon had Joe Rogan as a guest on a recent episode of Tim’s podcast. They had a discussion about transgenderism that reminded me of something I saw years ago.

The literal dictionary definition of a transsexual is “one whose bodily characteristics have been altered through surgery or hormone treatment to bring them into alignment with their gender identity.”

This is Robert Eades, a transsexual man whose last months of life in 1998 were recorded for a 2001 documentary called “Southern Comfort.”

It was pretty much impossible to tell from the way he looked or sounded that he wasn’t a biological male; he reminded me of a skinnier Hank Williams, Jr.

In fact, he said in the documentary that hate groups like the KKK had tried to recruit him for membership — I believe more than once — just from accidentally encountering him around town.

He thought that was hilarious, because he felt that it proved that he had succeeded in becoming a transexual; he didn’t want anyone to know that he wasn’t always a man unless they needed to know, and of course they would’ve wanted to beat him up — or even kill him — if they knew that he was born a woman.

If real transexuals exist (and it doesn’t seem impossible to me that it could be a rare birth defect, where something goes haywire during fetal development and the person develops internally as a man but externally as a woman, or vice-versa, probably similar in principle to things like Down’s Syndrome, conjoined twins, etc.), then THIS is what one looks like.

They don’t look like this: an obvious man who makes no attempt to hide the fact that he’s a man (or vice-versa), half-assed dressed like a woman, wearing deliberately poorly-applied make-up like Heath Ledger’s Joker, loudly and indignantly proclaiming to anyone and everyone that “I’M TRANS!” This is often punctuated by hair dyed something like bright pink, green, or purple — which is inherently an attempt to get people to look at them.

These are just mentally ill people who want any kind of attention that they can get, and the trans thing has emerged over the last generation or so as a somewhat socially-acceptable way to do that.

And, of course, “trans” children are just the impressionable victims of their parent(s) Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.


Joe said that he recently had a guest on his podcast named Douglas Murray, who said that this kind of belligerent, conspicuous gender-switching is something that has happened in every major civilization in history that was in the process of collapsing. I haven’t looked into his work yet, but I intend to soon; it sounds fascinating.