How Is (not) Working Italian Healthcare in Covid Times

I had to write again, to let you know what is really happening in Italy (or Draghistan, if you prefer new name).

Statalists always said, and they keep saying, that Italy has a very good public healthcare system. Some of them dare to say “the best health system in the world”, or at least one of the best. Therically, no one should need private analysys, treatment, or anything, because everything is for free, gently offered by Her Majesty the Italian State.

Of course, the truth is very different, and if you need something fast and correct, you go to a private clinic, if you can afford or you have a private health insurance.

Of course, again, you don’t have to read many newspaper to find stories about wasted resources and medical malpractice.

Of course, again, you don’t need to be Hayek to understand that we are simply paying that with our exthorted taxes, and you don’t need to study deeply the italian taxation to know that total tax rate is a scandalous 59% (by the way, it was more in previous years and it is increasing again). Sometimes I think we should have a chit chat with the statalist scum explaining them the simply idea of “There ain’t no such thing like a free meal” and asking where the hell is my money if there are all these stories of medical malpratice and bad organization, but ok, this is not the point of this article.

The point of this article is: in this beautiful public healthcare system where everybody can be cured for free, many hospitals are not curing the not covid vaccinated people.

You could say: ok, maybe there are some rare cases, but I cannot believe doctors do not cure the patients. This is what I thought when there was the first case.

But then there was a second, and a third… Yesterday evening, in one of the rare talk show where journalists really do journalism (fuori dal coro, director Mario Giordano), the reporter pitted a series of cases that totally disgusted me.

So, let’s see that list of cases, which I think could be partial and tatlly incomplete:

First case: Hospital IRCSS Galeazzi, Milan, Medical Director dr. Fabrizio Pregliasco. In a circular he wrote: “From the week of January 10 it is considered necessary to review the programming of the interventions, reserving the activity for patients: who have a reinforced green pass (vaccination / recovery)”. He then replied that it is not true that he does not treat the unvaccinated, but that rescheduling of surgical operations is necessary. In my opinion, logic says that if you keep re-programming surgery letting the vaccinated first, the unvaccinated won’t have surgery. Maybe I am wrong.

Second case:

Hospital Santa Chiara, Pisa, the Gynecology Department directed by dr. Bottone refused operation to an oncological patient. After the interview, they are probably letting her to be operated. In the same hospital, if you have an emergency you’ll be treated as Covid case, even if not Covid affected but not vaccinated.

Third case: many hospitals in Trento region do not accept unvaccinated people. They can have surgery, but then they cannot have rehabilitation.

So, at the end of the day, it looks like here in Italy there is free healthcare for everybody but the jews unvaccinated.

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