A Pandemic of Fever for Government

The scamdemic has been an exercise in totalitarianism from the start, with the government controlling every response. From testing to masks (as well as other such “mitigations” as “contact tracing” and the ever-shifting rules on quarantining) to information about the alleged pandemic to The Jabs, Leviathan has managed all aspects of the USSA’s overreaction. “Ah, but what about the drug companies and their development of the vaccines?” a fascist will smugly ask about government’s fourth branch. The question answers itself. In fact, any person or institution promoting solutions that didn’t further empower Leviathan has been persecuted, silenced, “cancelled.”

We see the despotism even more clearly when we imagine our reception of COVIDCon without Leviathan. Picture a truly free America, one lacking municipal, county, state and federal masters lording it over us. What happens when a new germ debuts in China? (Yes, I know: it wouldn’t have, absent the sociopaths in DC. But work with me here.) Doctors—uncorrupted by Medicaid and Medicare, independent, and competing to provide the most accurate warnings—would have analyzed the actual science (not Anthony Falsi’s version of it; indeed, that criminal would be digging a ditch somewhere or, more likely, dead because a victim he’d assaulted shot him). They’d quickly realize the illness threatened only their unhealthiest patients and advise them accordingly. The rest of us would have continued living our lives.

Instead, politicians and bureaucrats dictated our answer to COVIDCon—and mighty few Americans objected, “The Constitution never grants any administration power over disease!” But even if most Patriots had protested, we lost that fight decades ago, when the Communists–sorry, Dimocrats foisted Medicare on us (and some might argue the surrender occurred far earlier than that). Virtually everyone accepted the regime’s implication that not only could it cure COVID, it should—even though this meant enduring the State’s usual and notorious faults. For example, scarcity: tests for the (likely non-existent) virus have always been in short supply. The current dearth of the ballyhooed “at-home” kits are nothing new: early in 2020, lines around the block at “testing sites,” all under the jurisdiction of departments of health, exemplified Leviathan’s utter ineptitude.

Naturally, Our Rulers imposed rationing: “At this time, testing is limited in Los Angeles,” its county decreed. “We are working to expand testing as quickly as possible to provide this service to all Angelenos who need it. For the moment, these tests are strictly limited to residents of Los Angeles County who are in the most high-risk categories and most vulnerable.” [Original emphasis.]

How cruel, to tell serfs you’ve brainwashed into believing they’re gonna die that they must wait to learn their fate. Fortunately for Leviathan, Amerikans are intensely, even suicidally, loyal to the beast, easily duped, and servile.

New York State mentioned to its frenzied residents that “private companies including pharmacies and medical practices or not-for-profit organizations” were offering tests. But it quickly added, “check with the testing site and your insurer to make sure there isn’t a fee for the test.” You betcha. Fighting a life-or-death scamdemic, one’s chief concern should always be whether our neighbors will pay for our treatment.

Meanwhile, the State’s stranglehold on WuFlu wasn’t enough for the Marxist media: an article from September 2020 on “Bloomberg Law” worried about allowing the “private sector” to inveigle its nose under this tent. “The opaque nature of contracts between the government and private companies to respond to the coronavirus pandemic has been a concern for government watchdogs since the pandemic began. … A silver lining of including private companies is their desire to protect their reputations, [Dianne] Bourque[, a health privacy lawyer] said.”

And yep, the fact that such a specialized area of the law flourishes demonstrates yet again that the USSA staggers under as many superfluous and worthless attorneys as it does bureaucrats.

But I interrupted our superfluous shyster: “That means health-care providers will be ‘extraordinarily careful,” Ms. Bourque stated.

Whoa! How shocking that Bloomberg would entertain the possibility that any free-market restraint might discipline an entrepreneur. But fear not: the piece immediately disparaged such optimism by quoting “Lisa Bari” who “worked on health IT and data sharing within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services” and who smeared society as expected: “‘We have a very fragmented health-care system with for-profit entities that serve a public health function that otherwise would be taken care of by the state in other countries,’ she said. …’They may say they would not [invade privacy], and that’s fine, but for-profit health care enterprises making volunteer attestations that they won’t violate privacy is not as good as not creating that situation in the first place,’ Bari said.”

I nominate that bizarre fallacy for the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black” Award. Has any entity anywhere ever eviscerated our privacy even a millionth as much as the State?

Of course, when you abandon science to political oversight, brutal tragedies abound, as Dr. Mengele, Trofim Lysenko, and the CDC with its Tuskegee Experiment testify. To kick off 2022, New York City’s “Department of Health and Mental Hygiene revealed on their website” that it “will take a patient’s race into account when distributing potentially life-saving COVID treatments…” It had already paved the way to this outright racism with an order on December 20, 2021 that doctors “Consider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk, as longstanding systemic health and social inequities may contribute to an increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19” when dispensing scarce “monoclonal antibodies.” (To access this quote, click on “Monoclonal Antibodies Eligibility” at the link.)

Now, we rational folks understand “monoclonal antibodies” to be pixie dust. We know that far simpler, more abundant cures defeat Falsi’s Flu. But pretend that you are a COVIDiot certain you’ll expire from omicron. And you’re white. Equally horrific, you’re a man (well, OK, merely posing as one: I have yet to meet a genuinely masculine COVIDiot). How panicked might you be at this Woke voo-doo?

Predictably, anyone with the slightest bit of decency condemned New York’s blatant bigotry. But these critics haven’t a leg to stand on. Amerikans long ago conceded supremacy over the medical field in general and this plandemic in particular to Leviathan. We can quibble all we like over how the beast wields that authority, but I’ll wager it ignores us.

A couple of Rethuglican governors withstood the rush to mandates and lockdowns—notably Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota; they’ve become heroes to the millions who denounce the shamdemic. But never once have either of them questioned whether the government should supervise medicine, let alone exacerbate the presumed pandemic. Never once have they suggested abolishing the entirely Marxist racket known as “Public Health.” Never once have either condemned government’s intrusion into the intensely personal field of physical well-being, nor pledged to withdraw his state’s bureaucrats from it.

Until they do, and until millions of Americans demand the same, get used to scarcity and atrocities of all colors.