Demands of the People to the NYC Department of Health

Monday, December 6th event at entrance of NYC Department of Health

I, Diane Pagen, social worker (currently on leave without pay from NYC DOE due to vaccine mandate) and policy advocate, am organizing the event below with Eric Rassi, NYC political activist and co-founder of the NYS Liberty Coalition.

Place: NYC Department of Health, 125 Worth Street (at Foley Square)

Date: Monday, December 6th, 2021

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Come join us to tell Commissioner of Health Dave Chokshi, MD: We the People need a Department of Health that runs on SCIENCE and HEALTH! Stop doing commercials for Big Pharma vaccines, start helping New Yorkers get healthy!

Hundreds of anti-mandate and pro-democracy activists have been very active in the street since the NYC vaccine mandates began. On December 6th, we will visit the NYC Department of Health to demand that Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi meet with NYers about real health initiatives and STOP repeating pro-Pharma vaccine propaganda using the NYC Department of Health budget. Invited speakers include Dr. Alieta Eck, Dr. Richard Amerling (via recording), parents, municipal workers (speaker list in progress). We will also memorialize several children who were killed or injured by a Covid vaccine.

Among our demands: –Immediately restore Department of Health meetings and provide meaningful advance notice to the public via radio, daily newspapers and internet so people can register to attend and speak. Schedule the first meeting within 10 days of the request.

–Immediately create functioning public-facing phone numbers for the Dept of Health and its various borough locations, as there are current NONE. The supposed 212-covid19 “infoline” is a path to nowhere and its operators only read off a script, they do NOT answer questions with any data or research. They blow off legitimate questions by saying, “we don’t have that information,” or telling callers they have to “call the state.” This is unacceptable.

–The Commissioner must establish a public calendar so New Yorkers and the press can know where and how our Healthy Commissioner is furthering the health of our communities and provide transparency the Dept currently lacks.

–Immediately schedule public hearings with the cooperation and input of independent doctors, social workers, parents, the NYC Committee on Health, and people who wish to share their vaccine experiences including vaccine injury, so our City can begin truly improving public health and reversing the damage wrote by pro-pharma, anti-people policies including but not limited to the vaccine mandates.

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