Maskhole Lies

I don’t know who came up with the term, but it has been about a year now since I first saw militant advocates of mask wearing referred to as maskholes.

I am not on Facebook, so I did not see this pro-mask graphic that someone posted until it was brought to my attention. What a bunch of lies.

As a human I have the right not to wear a mask? Is that so? I flew to Philadelphia at the end of September and to Nashville earlier this month. Because of a federal mandate, I was told to wear a mask in the airports I walked through and on the flights I flew on. Although I only put on a mask to go through security and then immediately took it off until I boarded my flight, because I wasn’t going to risk getting thrown off a plane and fined hundreds of dollars, I had to wear a mask on my flights. I could not go to certain places in Philadelphia because they required everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status—and enforced it at the door. Tell the millions of masked children in U.S. schools that as humans, they have the right not to wear a mask. Tell the residents of many states, counties, and cities that as humans, they had the right not to wear a mask last year and have the right not to wear one now. Tell the citizens of Oregon—where the government wants to enforce a permanent indoor mask mandate—that as humans they have the right not to wear a mask. If I as a human have the right not to wear a mask, then why are my human rights being violated every time I travel out of Florida?

So, businesses have a right to not let me in, and not to serve me if I refuse to wear a mask? I certainly agree. But do business have this right because the issue is a mask or because the issue is private property rights? Does the maskhole who posted this graphic on Facebook believe that businesses have the absolute right to refuse entry and service? Of course not. What if a business refused entry and service to someone because of their race, color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability? Maskholes would be furious, and claim that the business was discriminating and had no right to refuse entry and service. What a difference a mask makes.

You can have it both ways—as long as property rights are respected.

If I am free to make a choice—as in my body, my choice—then why can’t I go anywhere in the United States—the land of the free—and choose to not wear a mask in an airport, on a plane, in a theatre, on public transportation, in a museum, in a store, and in a restaurant? If I am free to make a choice and accept the consequences of my actions, then why can’t I just choose to not wear a mask and if I get sick then I get sick? If this is true, then why have I been told by politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, actors, actresses, athletes, nurses, and doctors for over a year and a half that I should wear a mask? And now, to wear one even if I am vaccinated (which I am not).

I have never seen or heard of anyone screaming at employees and businesses for requiring masks. I suppose it has happened. But I have seen and heard of many people yelling at and committing violence against people for not wearing masks. I probably saw at least thirty video clips last year of angry mask wearers accosting people in stores and in public spaces who were exercising their human rights to go maskless.

And since when does wearing a mask protect workers and customers? It protects neither, and from something that doesn’t need much protecting from. It is all Covid theatre.

Don’t worry, we will never mistake inconvenience for oppression. Forcing someone to wear a mask against his will is the very definition of oppression. Being inconvenienced has nothing to do with it.

Maskholes lie because they parrot government and news media propaganda.

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