Standing Up to Gaslighting

In recent months our political left has been trying to convince us of some pretty incredible things. Among them are the claims, that boys can become girls, that men can become pregnant and that Rachele Levine is the “first-ever female four-star admiral.”

None of it is true. In fact, the very opposite is the case: Boys can never become girls. Men can never become pregnant. And Rachele Levine is not the first female four-star admiral, because he is a man. This is the truth that any reasonable human being can easily see.

The left’s relentlessness in pushing these memes can only be described as full court press gaslighting of the American people. Unfortunately, many people go along with it, not necessarily because they believe it, but because they are afraid of being called bigots, transphobes, sexists, racists, fascists or whatever the left’s terms of abuse are for those who object to the obvious insanities that are being served to us daily.

This kind of reality subversion is part and parcel of the left’s drive to stump and disorient the population. This is nothing new. Since most clear-headed people instinctively reject the left’s worldview, reality subversion has always been an important component of its modus operandi. Once people are disoriented and confused, onerous agendas are much easier to implement. That is the reason why the life in so-called communist or socialist countries resembled a Twilight Zone where truth was turned upside down.

It is imperative, therefore, that people do not go along with the nonsense that is being currently propagated in our midst, because acquiescence will have dire consequences for our society. We need to stand up to the gaslighting whenever an opportunity presents itself. If it is done properly, its purveyors will be exposed for the silly clowns that they are.

A striking instance of this occurred recently on a British radio program when in the course of an interview the host asked a prominent British Labour politician called Rachel Reeves, the following question:

“Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?”

Reeves attempted to avoid the answer, but the interviewer persisted and would not let her off the hook.

“It is transphobic, yes or no,” he repeated firmly.

Reeves’ attempt to respond is something to behold. She grimaces, squirms, shakes her head, and starts emitting incoherent sounds:

“Ah, look… ah. I.. ah… Is it, is it transphobic? Ah… look… I just… don’t even know how to start answering these questions…”

(You can enjoy Reeves’ performance by clicking here).

What Reeves was asked was a straightforward question that had a straightforward answer. The correct response would be, “No, it is not transphobic to say only women have a cervix, because this is merely a statement of a biological fact.”

And yet Reeves was unable to produce this simple answer. An adult woman in her 40s, she cannot bring herself to say what every 8-year-old girl knows already.

Amazingly enough, this woman who makes herself look like a fool when confronted with a simple query about human biology, happens to hold a very responsible position in her society. She is a member of Parliament and the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. This means that if Johnson’s government should fall, she will automatically assume this high post. In case you did not know, the Chancellor is the second highest high-ranking minister within the government of the United Kingdom after the Prime Minister.

Nor is this woman stupid. She has studied at Oxford and the London School of Economics, both of which are elite institutions of higher learning and not easy to gain admission into. There is no doubt that Reeves’ score on a general intelligence test would be above average.

And yet this accomplished and educated woman cannot publicly agree to the fact that only women possess a cervix.

How is that possible?

It is not because Rachel Reeves lacks IQ or life experience, but because of the ideology she clings to. Being a leading figure on the British left, she is trying to play the woke game. And this ideology – which is based on reality inversion – makes even intelligent people speak like complete fools when forced to answer even the simplest of questions.

Contemporary leftism is a wholesale denial of reality, and its proponents look as silly as Rachel Reeves when they are caught in a situation where they must explain themselves.

They need to be called out whenever they try to peddle their balderdash. People like Reeves must be told the truth: “Your reality denial makes you look like a buffoon. You are an embarrassment to yourself, to your country and to womenfolk everywhere. This is not how an adult woman in your position of responsibility should talk. Wake up, ma’am, and start thinking and speaking like a sane human being.”

Here is the incontrovertible reality: Men do not have a cervix, and they can never get pregnant. This is just the way it is. No amount of woke denialism can alter this indisputable biological fact.

To pretend otherwise is sheer insanity.