A Note to Lew

Dear Lew,

Only last week I was wondering how long they would leave you alone and yesterday morning I read that Google has cut your advertising revenue. This is only the latest in a line of shameless attacks against LRC. I personally noticed that sometime in May Google recalibrated their search engine algorithms in a way that makes it difficult to find the material on your site.

The material you put out every day presents a great danger to the establishment, because it is true. These totalitarians fear truth more than anything. I know their mindset well, because I grew up in a totalitarian system and their first concern was to keep us silent.

It must be very difficult to come under such an attack, but what it also means is that you are EFFECTIVE. If you were not effective, they would not bother with you. Apart from it being a hardship, it is also a badge of honor and testimony to your success in getting the truth out.

You are a great moral force, and you are carrying others with you. The unholy cabal of Big Tech, corporate profiteers, the Uniparty, academic demagogues, and mainstream media is a most formidable force to challenge, which is something you have been doing fearlessly. I have always admired your courage, among other things… I made a little money donation to LRC to counter these evil totalitarians. I hope your readers will come through and support you so that you can withstand these assaults.

To be honest, I do not particularly enjoy being involved in these battles. I would much rather be engaged in spiritual pursuits, but I have realized that if we do not stand up to the encroaching tyranny our children will face a grim future indeed. I am just astonished that we have to fight this fight in the United States.

Thank you for everything you are doing. I wish LRC readers could know just how hard you work day in and day out. You are a hero to many, and your example brings the best out of us as we try to stand alongside you in this great struggle against the dark forces that seek to spoil everything that is good, pure, beautiful and holy.

Keep up your great and worthy work.

With gratitude,