It’s Time For All Good Men to Stop Fearing John Galt

There comes a point in every person’s life when they have to reckon with the person in the mirror. Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going?

Since the beginning of the COVID-9/11 story I’ve watched it break so many people who couldn’t answer these basic questions. The fear of the virus uncovered a lot about all of us.

For many, unfortunately, it provoked their inner tyrant.

Last year, during the height of the COVID insanity after publicly hanging up on an unhinged Lee Stranahan live on Sputnik Radio I tweeted this out.

This wasn’t just directed at Lee, but it really was.

The hard investigative journalist of February 2020 turned into a sniveling, state-worshipping baby by late April. Fear of death uncovered his Room 101. That incident, among others, eventually took down his radio show with certified stand-up guy, Garland Nixon.

Today it’s a shadow of its former self.

I don’t know if my action was the catalyst for the changes that came, but I do know after that day nothing was the same.

The sad truth is that Lee wasn’t alone. His collapse was just the most public version I ran into personally.

When you buy into fear, you sell your reason. Gone is your skepticism as your world collapses. Your eyes focus on your next step too afraid to raise them to the horizon.

There is no bigger picture, there is only the moment.

For 20 months now, we have lived among people terrorized by a story, not a virus but a story, that told them they are the heroes for being afraid and the skeptics are the villains.

To save ourselves we just have to give up our humanity and submit to an authority incapable of telling us the truth.

Because the truth is we had very little to actually fear.

These are the real villains, the Faucis, Bidens, Schwabs, Psakis, Trudeaus and anyone who still believes their patter.

It was never about the disease, it was about control and the real damage being done to our psyches, our bodies and our communities, exactly as I argued to Lee on the radio eighteen months ago before I hung up on him.

They created the fear and then manipulated it into something violent. They preyed on our common decency and humanity, twisting it into something evil which is now plain for anyone who lifts his eyes off the ground to see.

Because vaccine mandates are the ultimate form of state violence, the death penalty notwithstanding.

Once they had a large enough segment so terrorized they would rather die than admit they had been duped, those villains pushed the ultimate Hobson’s Choice on us: get the vaccine against COVID-9/11 and you can have your life back.

But it was never their life to take in the first place.

We gave it to them, hoping they weren’t as evil as many suspected.

It’s amazing how just one year after a summer of looting and burning over police brutality against a black man who overdosed on fentanyl, these same people are making excuses for even worse police violence against people walking around in sunshine unmasked.

To them we are the Untermenschen, the unvaxxed, the unclean.

And that makes their violence justified because, to them, we are the ones keeping things from getting back to normal.

Once the threat from COVID-9/11 was well established, rationality should have returned. But it hasn’t. Too many people are still stuck in Room 101, wedded to their shame over being duped by villains.

They now wish death by COVID on those who refuse to get a shot for a virus that has a defined low probability of killing them and for which multiple therapeutic options are available.

If they would just shut up, trust the science and let doctor’s practice medicine, life would really return to something close to normal.

But it’s increasingly obvious to enough people that these mandates don’t measure up to the threat of the virus.

Every day it becomes clearer that this is about their fear of us seizing back the power we gave them.

To save themselves from The COVID they wish it on us, just like Winston Smith, who looked in the mirror and betrayed his love to serve a master who hates him as much as he hates himself.

It doesn’t matter if the vaccines are ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ or not. I’m not here to argue that. That’s your personal choice, make it as you see fit. No blame. No shame.

What’s important is that it is no one else’s choice.

Further, it’s not your personal choice to tell me that I can’t partake in civil society if I don’t get the shot or, like Joe Rogan, choose a different path to treating COVID-9/11 than you would.

Because Winston always had a choice. He could choose to face his fear and finally become a man, like Joe Rogan.

Or he can project his fear onto real men and stay in his personal hell for all the world to laugh at:

Watching this man’s Two Minutes of Hate is revealing of everything that is wrong with the COVID-9/11 story.

And that same choice is now directly in our path, vaxxed or unvaxxed.

COVID-9/11 is never going away. Neither will the flu, the common cold or any other virus endemic to the environment.

Life is risk and it belongs to those willing to face those risks to keep the world from breaking. Cower in fear if you like, but scapegoating the unvaxxed won’t save you.

I saw this in March 2020 saying we have to be brave and celebrate everyone willing to go to work to make the things we need to treat the sick and protect the healthy.

In a real economy, everyone is an essential worker.

This is because everyone contributes in their small way to the fully functional world that ensures the shelves are stocked, the energy flows and our meager triumphs over nature’s hostility to our presence remain in place.

For months now we have been openly threatened with having our lives taken away because we don’t have our party registration papers up to date. We’ve all wrestled, at some level, with our disbelief that things would degrade this badly and this quickly.

The Olbermensch tells us we can be friends again after we just get the damn shot.

What he won’t admit is that we know he’s lying. Keith hates us for the mirror we hold up in front of him. Take a long look, that is the face of shame.

Because ideals are judges. Those ideals only shame men capable of admitting it. The rest sink into solipsism and insanity.

In Rand’s novel, John Galt built the engine that could change the world. But he refused to give it to the world he lived in.

The Olbermensches would just use it to perpetuate their power, their evil.

Who is John Galt? He’s that best version of ourselves that knows who we are, what we want and where we will end up. And it’s past time we stopped fearing the loss that comes with stating that directly.

The strike of the productive and the self-aware Rand envisioned is here. The airline pilots, an Ubermensch class of people if there is one in this sick, sad world, walked out over last weekend taking most of Southwest Airlines’ staff with them.

The Olbermensches are furious, openly lying about what happened and castigating anyone who says otherwise.

But we shouldn’t care.

Just like we shouldn’t care that Sanjay Gupta, after Rogan’s shaming, was forced into a public Struggle Session to retain his place at CNN, proving to all the world that he is a man without principles, ideals or shame.

As I write this, on October 15th, vaccine mandates go into effect all around the Davos-controlled world. The choice is now in front of hundreds of millions of people. Becoming your own version of John Galt comes with loss.

It means giving up something today to retain not just your integrity but provide strength to those not quite there yet.

Everything rests on giving them your consent. The Olbermensches do not negotiate, they bully.

Bullies are cowards. Your consent today feeds their addiction to fear.

Previously I told you to quietly, “Just Say No” to them. Now I’m telling you that takes the form of withdrawing consent completely, risking today’s comfort for tomorrow’s benefit. The strength you display today is the foundation of a world we build back better than the one that is gone.

I had a good gig with Sputnik Radio. But I owed them nothing. But when the mask of civility fell, it was time to go.

We all wear that mask at times but only with those worthy of reciprocating.

All things come to an end, good and bad. What matters is who we choose to be, what we want and unafraid of where those choices lead us.

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.