Know Your Rights: “Refused” Versus “Declined”

There are medical and legal implications between the words “Refused” and “Declined”.

Short instructional video from

Doc Schmidt on TikTok

And nurses, PAs, doctors will write what they wish to portray into your medical records. Make sure they get it right. Demand a copy, as is your legal right, of all and complete medical records, doctor’s/nurse’s notes, etc.

Doctors, nurses, PAs, and all the medical establishment are not our friends. They are good for ONE thing: trauma and emergency care.

I have always used the term “Decline” and say “I am cooperating, but I object to …” Also, “I do not consent.”

This applies to any situation where you encounter an agent of the state: medical personnel, a cop, a school teacher, a judge. You have the right to decline, not give your consent, to protect your body, your person, your family, your dog, your home, your auto, your property.

Just say No! to the state and do not let them intimidate you and make you out to be the aggressor. Stay calm and repeat.

And do it with a smile. That drives them bonkers.

Remember THEY all work for YOU!!!