Eugyppius on "Original Antigenic Sin" And Why We Should Never Vaccinate Kids Against The Ro. NEVER. as in Not Ever.

As in not now, or later, or EVER.

As in move to a state where it’s not required if your state requires it.

As in protest.

As in lie.

As in know the science better than your kid’s pediatrician, her teacher, her school board member, so that you can explain – simply and without getting upset – why they do not know what they’re talking about.

As in DO NOT let your kids get a jab of mRNA that will at best protect them for a matter of months and at worst will wrongfoot their immune systems so that for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES they will be burdened with a miswired response to a virus that they would otherwise defeat easily.

A lot of you have asked me for sources on the general (roughly zero) risk to kids. I will include those in a separate email. But read and understand this piece first; it is the background you need.

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