Christmas Has Arrived at The Home Depot

I am in The Home Depot for something small I need. AA batteries, to say it plainly.

It is fun to dream and window-shop in a home improvement store.

BONUS: the Christmas stuff is being put out on the sales floor today.

Remember when young Middle Class families could afford a house, even an old fixer-upper, and afford to have a few children of their own? How exciting each fix-up project was for the family, though often hard work for the dad after a full day at work?

Remember when children made ornaments and families gave modest, home-crafted gifts?

Remember when government schools let out for the “Christmas Holidays“?

Remember when families gathered together, and it was enough, not go off on decadent trips of “adventure?”

Remember when the high point of the season was in thankful, thoughtful worship of Him in Church with family?

Remember hearing the earnest appeal to the “reason for the season”, or is that now just a sing-song phrase to be only remembered for a moment as we drive by a lighted church sign?

What of family and traditions? What do families do regarding Christmas? What are the most important things to cherish, to pass on to our children and grandchildren?

Surely the annual greenery, fragrant natural trees and wreaths from the Carolinas, will arrive soon, too.

Hopefully, this year, Americans will return to His Fold, return to Family, and quietly celebrate the Reason for All: Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, is Come! Let us adore Him!