California, You Had Your Chance To Recall Newsom; Now He’s Putting The Poisoned Needle Into All Your Children

Gavin Newsom is your vampire, California.

His new mandate for injecting devastating COVID vaccines into all schoolchildren in 7th grade and above—which will eventually be expanded to ALL schoolchildren—is a gold rush quite different from the 19th century voyage.

This one is pharmaceutical-profit gold.

Maybe the following self-congratulatory and forward-looking business statement from the state government, on its website, has something to do with Newsom bringing down his doomsday machine on millions of innocent children:

“California has a history of leading innovations in life-saving biomedical technologies. We are the long-time home to the nation’s number 2 biomedical sciences research institution and at nearly $4 billion annually, California’s universities lead the US in earned National Institutes of Health grants.”

“California’s life sciences industry generates nearly 1 million direct and indirect jobs and over $178 billion in annual revenue. More bioscience and biotechnology patents are issued to California companies and researchers than any other state. California leads the pack across the board for patent generation from microbiology and genetics to bioinformatics and health IT – creating more than 2.5 times as many patents as the next ranking state.

California life science companies saw over $18B in venture capital investment from 2016 – 2018, more than any other state, and our businesses have 1,300+ therapies in the development pipeline. These investments keep California at the forefront of biotech innovation.”

Newsom is one of those creatures who mistakenly believes he is physically attractive. And this, he reasons, is an asset he should deploy whenever possible.

In point of fact, he resembles a synthetic hothouse low-hanging fruit that is turning bad under the skin.

He also thinks his earnest front is believable. Please. Only the deaf, dumb, and blind assume his mission in life is “helping.” But apparently, many such disabled souls live in California.

And they are ready to sacrifice their children to him.

Newsom is a leftover Yuppie from the 1980s. Genial, relaxed, cold, mad for more power. I assure you, if the day comes when he senses a real threat to his position, he’ll turn out the lights in California. He’ll bring on an Australian-style lockdown.

The VAERS count of COVID vaccine injuries in American has risen past 700,000. As acknowledged by the well-known Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study, reported vaxx injuries should be multiplied by a hundred to arrive at an accurate figure.

Newsom takes no notice of this. He’s living in his own bubble, and seeks glory from colleagues and friends who occupy the same bubble and shower him with praise. For the record, if there is a record anymore, this makes him quite dangerous.

But look who I’m talking to. Californians.

Don’t worry, be happy. It’s all good.

The state of California lives under a lucky star. Big tech, big movies, big defense industry, big pharma.

Maybe your children, commanded to take the shot, will somehow scrape by. No mind-boggling “unexplainable” heart problems. Perhaps only micro-clots, whose effects won’t show up until later…and then, who would be able to point to you, the parents, as collaborators?

All the nurses who are refusing the injection, even though that means they’re being fired from their jobs and losing their careers…what do they know? They’re obviously just a bunch of ingrates.

And with a man like Gavin Newsom at the helm
Why o why would you be lying in bed at night sweating
Waiting for the sun to come up
The sun that cures all problems in California
Why would you sense you’re sinking into deeper darkness
And you have to make a move to save your soul
And rescue your children
Why would you wonder how you arrived at the crossroads
When the people you know aren’t concerned at all
There must be some mistake
You need a small dose of reprogramming and then
The world will resume its former shape
As it always does
Especially in California
The guns in your mind will go silent
The governor is equipped to do the right thing
He must be
Otherwise the whole STRUCTURE was built
To capture you and your children
Look at the dawn
Look at the sun
The Pacific rolling in
The white houses sitting on the cliffs
The time is exactly right for another day
Like other days
And that is your strongest clue
Pointing to the need for censoring from your mind
Possibilities over which you have no control
As you well know
Everything beyond your control in California
Is good
That’s what living in California has always meant
And this is what the smile on Gavin Newsom’s face tells you
So send your child into the line
Of fire

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.